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Posted: May 19 @ 11:15pm

In its current state, I can only recommend this DLC if you have the patience and can keep a calm mind while dealing with crashes, bugs, lack of optimization and a lack of co-op content. If you're a solo player with a beefy top of the line PC then you're totally fine. But if you're like me, someone who enjoys online games with friends and a mid tier PC, then wait.

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Pros: The game play is smooth and complex. It really feels like your actually making an impact while in a firefight while needing to strategise against BOTS.

The Missions are somewhat diverse with all sorts of new fetch quests and assassination/bounty hunting styles. It really makes you excited when reading the mission descriptions.

The difficulty is just what you would expect out of ED. It shows you the new controls then throws you into the world to literally F*** around and find out. One slip and you will be punished with either death or a really difficult firefight .


The game is extremely unoptimized, Im running an I7-7700K, 32 GB ram, and a 1060 6gb and barely hitting a stable 40 fps while my boots are on the ground on the lowest settings. I used to run this game on ultra easily hitting around 120 FPS with no dips.

The coms menu while your in FPS mode (Press and hold Q btw) is really disgusting and hard to navigate.

Constant crashing: When trying to play this game with my friend I crashed 3 times in a row just trying to do 1 mission together. The error was "Orange Sidewinder" and the way to fix it is by taking your own ship, you CANNOT ride in a friend/crew mates ship at all while playing together.

And the last nail in the coffin is the lack of co-op content. While you are able to assist your friends in missions like normal. You will not receive any rewards for them even if your are on the same team/in a crew together (which makes absolutely no sense seeing that this game is supposed to be played online).

So going back to the TLDR, If you enjoy playing games alone with the occasional friend to play with, AND you have a really high end pc, then yea buy this expansion. But if you only really enjoy this game (or other online games) with friends then put it in your wish list and wait for a sale even if you have a nice PC.
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Superdarknova May 27 @ 8:23pm 
FloopyNoops, I reaaaly doubt you aren't having any issues unless you are on the lowest graphics. I've watched streams of people with 3080's having stutters at 1080p. However if you are saying this because you didn't play the first week of release then that's why. They released a massive 4 part patch to resolve as many issues as possible and its stated that they improved the performance.
FLOOPYNOOPS May 27 @ 5:06pm 
"High end pc" 1070 gtx 48G ram 8G of memory and a intel 7700k either your setup is reaching the end of its life or my setup is "beefy" cause as for performance no issues.
󠀡󠀡󠀡⁧⁧:) May 27 @ 3:20am 

blah blah blah blah.
subjective experience that has no relation to the review.

I've never had a crash.
And your review is invalid because of it.

Cristari, I don't think a single person gives a shit, to be honest with you, bud.
Cristari May 26 @ 11:38pm 

My PC is over 7 years old and has a GTX 980 in it with about 6Gb of ram and my PC has 16Gb of ram and an i7 with the original cooler on it still so thermal paste is probably dust, I use it with the side panel off because the fans don't work and I have to open the rooms window to let the heat out and cold air in to help stabilise the PC and stop it from overheating (the beeping is annoying)

I have never had a crash, I have dropped GFX from high to medium and instantly noticed better performance on foot.

Yawl just complaining for no reason.
Brazilian_Soldier May 21 @ 4:38pm 
"HuRr DuRr, YoUr GrApHiCs CaRd Is Old. I wAnNa SuCk FrOnTiEr's Cock!"

I got a GTX 970 and i can play pretty much every game out there fine (including cyberpunk on mid settings with some minor frame drops during some action scenes). They literally added the 1060 to the RECOMMENDED list.

This piece of shit is badly optimized. Maybe they fix this in the future, but for now it deserves the review bombing. Get over it and stop drinking Frontier's semen!
Superdarknova May 21 @ 3:59pm 
@Liam the destroyer of worlds Even if Its true it should not be allowed. It wasn't like this 5 years ago aside from the very rare bad launch. Why should it change now?. Have more respect for yourself as a consumer.
all games have this state when thay relleass
piqey May 21 @ 2:18pm 
A patch just came out with some performance improvements, I'm getting 60 FPS on stations at the worst parts instead of 30 FPS.
Superdarknova May 21 @ 11:37am 
Im loving all the hate comments about my 1060 <3 KEEP THEM COMING
Perre May 21 @ 10:10am 
sounds like a beta for the console release.