Barley Hops
~We're born to die, so I'm gonna fight for how I wanna live~

Welcome to my profile!

I'm your local internet doe, fueled by coffee, with an interest in cassettes! :celeste_cassette:

I'm into a wide variety of music and enjoy talking about my favorite bands (as everyone does). There's not really anything worth knowing about me.

I don't talk much, and will likely never be the first one to say hi. Feel free to message me though if you want to chat - I don't bite (although my keyboard clacks)! :spacepony:

Please do not send me gifts!

Favorite games

In no particular order, these are the games that have stood out to me the most:
- Hatoful Boyfriend
- Life is Strange
- NieR: Automata
- The Wolf Among Us
- A Hat In Time
- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
- Celeste

Steam bios: Do people still read them?

I remember when Steam profiles were a big deal, at least with what I saw. Now it feels like no one socializes on here - only play games. One thing that did surprise me is how Steam now has over a billion users! It's crazy, I never knew it was so big! :fhappy:

I miss forums, and how the internet used to be

Recently, a forum I was a member of for a good seven years shut down for good. It was the only forum I was a part of, and I was heartbroken when it died. :fsad:

Now I'm looking for a new forum to join, one that is small and has the same sense of a close-knit community like this one did. It's hard finding them these days, especially since most people apparently prefer the likes of Discord (even though I personally can't stand Discord servers).

The internet used to be fun and exciting, without all the problems faced today. I miss it, and wish we could go back to when the internet was a much better place to be on.

~Tell me why I'm forced to live in this skin~

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Secret Little Haven is a short, cute game that buries itself in the internet culture of the late 90's.

The story is rather sweet, even if some of the interactions can be seen as being a little cheesy at times. It does a nice job at nodding back to forum life and more cutesy messaging, so for some it could invoke a sense of nostalgia if you grew up with that sort of internet life. It is a pretty short game, but it's able to cram a lot of important topics in and wraps them up nicely! It's a nice little "figuring it out" game - exploring identity, self-acceptance, social expectations, and other themes.

If you have a few bucks to spare, some hours to kill, and are interested in what this game offers, then you can't really go wrong with picking this up!

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