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Please read my information box below before you do anything else!

About me:
*31 years old
Im from Germany, Osnabrück

Games i mainly play:
CS:GO #1 :mp5:
Pubg #2 :dawnz:
Dead by Daylight #3 :thehook:

Money wasted in steam level, csgo Skins, keys and gambling : 8219,65€

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This is my main account! :HangingController:
This is my second account! :mp5:
This is my third account! :CGun:

I will not accept friend request from:
:111_: :111_: Users with private profile :111_: :111_:
:111_: :111_: Users with steam level 0 :111_: :111_:
:111_: :111_: Users with scammer or caution tags :111_: :111_:

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A simple guide to uploading images (or gifs) on Steam with any height for Artwork or Screenshot showcases.
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Papuraz №² ™ Jun 24 @ 1:50pm 
wer Rechtschreibfehler findet, darf sie auch behalten ;)
Swagsire Drizzle Jun 23 @ 2:38pm 
ok aber wenigstens hab ich keinen weeb ♥♥♥♥ auf meinem profil. Auch congrats zu der mangelnden Reife und Rechtschreibung. Mit 31 und nem Kind ballert das schon mies.
R3_MadHunter Jun 20 @ 6:58am 
Echt cooler Dude, macht Spaß mit ihm zu Zocken :steammocking:
Rebekka Jun 6 @ 5:27am 
Hi! I'm an Erotic Streamer. Streaming CSGO with some breaks to make dirty things :P

Watch my webcam masturbation and game streaming at www.DirtyTwitch.⁠com/girlroom832

Useful shortlink for you, honey - {LINK REMOVED}
ALPHA神 May 14 @ 10:14am 
:wavetree: :lovew: :emofdr:
Natacha Apr 15 @ 10:11pm 
{LINK REMOVED} awesome