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Alcançada em 17/jul/2018 às 3:15

Fibbage 3: Crowd Teaser

Audience fools a player
Alcançada em 20/jul/2018 às 3:54

Fibbage 3: Doubly Impressive

Write a lie that's actually the truth in the final round of Fibbage 3
Alcançada em 10/jul/2018 às 2:39

Fibbage 3: Would You Believe?

Fool 7 players in the final round of Enough About You
Alcançada em 10/set/2018 às 0:05

Monster Seeking Monster: Consolation Prize

Nobody gets a date during one of the nights
Alcançada em 21/jul/2018 às 5:20

Monster Seeking Monster: Mob Rule

Finish a game with the Audience as the winner
Alcançada em 10/jul/2018 às 0:44

Monster Seeking Monster: MasterDater

A player successfully gets a date all six nights of the game
Alcançada em 19/jul/2018 às 3:21

Survive the Internet: Yasss Gene

Beat Gene in a game
Alcançada em 30/jul/2018 às 23:41

Survive the Internet: Second-Degree Burn

Get the Best Burn twice in one game
Alcançada em 19/jul/2018 às 3:21

Survive the Internet: Shadow Star

Win a game without getting a Best Burn
Alcançada em 14/jul/2018 às 3:59

Bracketeering: Clean Sweep

Win a bracket with an answer that gets 100% of the votes each round
Alcançada em 11/jul/2018 às 1:54

Bracketeering: Split Decision

Have a match up go to overtime with an audience playing along
Alcançada em 11/jul/2018 às 0:47

Civic Doodle: Popular Vote

Get all player votes and 90% of audience votes in a single matchup (5+ player game)
Alcançada em 17/jul/2018 às 2:25

Civic Doodle: Design by Committee

Each part of the final round portrait comes from a different player
Alcançada em 10/jul/2018 às 1:54

Civic Doodle: Civic Doodie

Draw something that gets 100 poop emojis
Alcançada em 11/jul/2018 às 0:49

Civic Doodle: Reelection

Get both of your additions accepted in a single round (non final round)

Fibbage 3: Open Book

All players pick the truth in a 5+ player game of Enough About You (non final round)

Monster Seeking Monster: I'm Lycan It

Finish a game with everyone turned into werewolves

Survive the Internet: Stick Pic

Select the image of the animal that lives the "life of a twig eater"

Bracketeering: Cinderella Story

Win a bracket with an answer that everyone predicted would lose each round

Bracketeering: Button Masher

Win a 4-way tied overtime match up