Pamela   Messina, Sicilia, Italy
ok nulla non ho voglia
Archmeton Nov 16 @ 2:13pm 
Sweet Piano Nov 8 @ 2:44pm 
can i get some hëlp?
Pamersh Oct 30 @ 12:40pm 
☆Creepyghost☆ Oct 30 @ 12:30pm 
heyyy pamersh, da quanto tempo non ci si sentiva eh ? ^^
Jepper Depper Oct 27 @ 2:02pm 
~signed by JepperDepper
Basil's Creed Oct 3 @ 4:16am 
hello, my name is Yu Sak Kock, im 27 years old, i live in farmers village in China. Everyone in my village is silver elite, but me gold nove 2, so as you can see im pretty skilled player! I want to invite you join my csgo team to play in our local tournament. There will be more than 500 teams from all nearby villages, all games are best of 5. The grand prizo is 2 bags of rice and a goat.