Putt-Putt in my Butt-Butt please
Winter is coming
I'm not what you'd call a road scholar. I dont have much in the way of philosophy either but I know one thing. In this world you have to pay as you go. Sometimes, all ya have.


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Mood when I see I hold every world record for Putt-Putt on SteamLadder
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Mom said I could be anything. So I become moon man.
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everyday i look in the mirror i ask myself why i still do this then i look at putt putt and realize this is what i was born to do
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Am I memeing right?
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Created by - Dr. Flat Soda
Hello everyone once again! Some of you may have completed the main questline and thought to yourself that all the fun ends once you beaten the KV-2 Final Boss, and while that may be true, there are a ton of things in this game that can keep you playing if

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