san antonio 1998 green mustang
Jose Cisneros Gutierrez   Benito Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico
car but gammer

-Unboxed an Unusual Bolted Birdcage (Aces High) from Blue Summer Cooler--July 14, 2013
-Received an Australium Sniper Rifle from MvM--December 7, 2015
-Unboxed an Unusual Factory New Blue Mew Rocket Launcher (Cool) from Pyroland Case--December 19, 2015


HL Steel S18 | Literally Anything Else: Heavy sub
HL Steel S19 | Bumberdads: Pyro main
HL Steel S20 (2nd place!) | 2070 Paradigm Shift: Pyro main
HL Silver S21 | Bumberbees: Pyro main
HL Silver S22 (2nd place!) | Pop Your Pipes: Sub
HL Silver S23 | Placeholder: Mostly demo main
HL Silver S24 | pulp free bone juice: Demo main

6v6 Steel S20 | Cancerous Normies: idk main
6v6 Steel S21 | idoobz fanboizzz: idk main
6v6 Steel S22 | Mango: Pocket main
6v6 Steel S23 | thebees: Pocket main
6v6 Silver S24 | Underage Depression: Demo main
6v6 Plat S25 | Avian: Demo main
6v6 Plat S26 | It's past my bedtime: Demo main

6v6 Open S27 | Its past my bedtime: Demo main

4v4 Iron S8 | sister is hot: Medic sub
4v4 Steel S9 | The Warriors of Dreamland: idk main
4v4 Steel S11 | Prevalent Gaming: main
4v4 Silver S12 (2nd place!) | Quadruple Jeopardy: ?
4v4 Steel S13 | Prevalent Gaming: main

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