ESEA-O s11 Noob_Lords (8-8)
ESEA-O s12 gilmore girls (8-8)
ESEA-O s13 echelon/open is hard (teams died)
ESEA-O s14 Friendship quilting club (team died)
ESEA-IM s15- ain't got the chops (6-10)
ESEA-IM s16- Blockback Mountain (9-7) playoffs (2-2) 4th place
ESEA-O s19- Five Knights With Freddy (11-5) playoffs (1-1) 6th place
ESEA-IM S20 - Six Guys Off/The Cattle (11-5) playoffs (0-2) 6th place
ESEA-IM S21- Lil Chubby Ducks 12-4 playoffs (1-1) 4th place

ESEA-O s17 - sweatpants (team died)
ESEA-O s18 - Zen Gaming 7-9

pie_hero lft: finish up and lets goooo
Fuze: ;3 thats what.... they all said..

pie_hero: gosh damn ive been workin for a whole 3 days on this
pie_hero: A WHOLE 3 DAYS
prestige #fowhope: that's like 8 years in a.d.d. time

01:13 Hallucination: no idea sk got so fat
01:13 pie_hero: wow
01:13 pie_hero: hal
01:13 pie_hero: wow
01:13 Gainless: lol
01:13 pie_hero: im not fat
01:14 pie_hero: im big boned
01:14 pie_hero: GET IT

cappin: Im ungrounded!
Pie_hero: WAIT
Pie_hero: REALLY?
cappin: April fools

bbqc:Hey lets not bring our chirstian names into this
pie_hero: youre not even christian
bbqc: Hey, im half christian

barry barry quite scary: I didn't know we were such good friends
barry barry quite scary: for you to FUCK ME LIKE THIS

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