Preston Garvey
¤ُ๖ۣۜPreston Garvey   United States

Hi I'm Preston Garvey!


1: If you have a fishy profile, I will probraly ignore/block you (with a few exceptions).
2: Trade Banned=Block
3: No begging. I don't give away free stuff unless I feel like it.
4: Don't spam me with invites to your games or random friend requests. It's annoying. :steamfacepalm:
5: Do not tell me what I can play or what I cannot play. If you do, I will block you.
6: I am usually very patient but I can still get mad.
7: Message me all you want but don't overwhelm me.
8: I suggest you leave a comment before you add me. If you don't oh well but don't try anything.

While as my friend:
Don't annoy me
Don't waste my time
Don't give me a headache

I also reserve the right to remove/block you for any reason if it seems fit to so don't take it personally.

Things i like:

Video games
Nice and respectful people
Talking about video games
Playing with friends

Things i don't like:

Disrespectful and rude people
Cynical twats that moan about how AAA gaming is dying
System Wars

I will instantly block you if you're one of those people

Phisher Bots
Anyone whom I find excessively annoying.

Xbox One Gamertag: "A memester" : "Amemester"
Epic Games User: "A_Memester"

My Steam link for convinience:

Currently In-Game
Fallout: New Vegas
Game Collector

Recent Activity

257 hrs on record
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198 hrs on record
last played on Sep 23
11.3 hrs on record
last played on Sep 23
Cian Jul 26 @ 12:21pm 
sent a frend request
belcastromonte Jul 26 @ 12:18pm 
im gonna add u
BossAndrew Jul 6 @ 5:54pm 
nice try but canada isint adding u anytime soon
ThatRandomBlackGuy Jun 22 @ 1:16am 
Another Settlement Needs Our Help
StayFrozty Apr 14 @ 1:56pm 
Adding for HoI4 chill if you're up. (yes it is kinda late to do heh..)
Legionary Romania Apr 3 @ 7:14am 
Hey how about you add me and we could play some HOI4 :D