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Personal Achievements

Power Overwhelming

Win 1 battle.

Getting Better

Win 20 battles.


Survive 10 battles.

Hide And Seek

Sink 10 Submarines.

No Good Deed

Sink 10 Destroyers.

Thin Filling

Sink 10 light cruisers.

Following Orders

Sink 10 heavy cruisers.

The Monster's Demise

Sink 10 Battleships.

Paper Tiger

Sink 10 Aircraft Carriers.

Grand Slam

Sink one ship of every type in a single battle.

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Sink Pennsylvania using a Japanese carrier's dive bombers.

Imperial Sunset

Sink Yamato using a U.S. carrier's torpedo bombers.

Pacific Rim

Complete: Pacific Beast, Allied Fleet Pride, Mobile Nation, and Unsunken Archipelago.


Get 5 "Hero" Medals.

Wulf Jager

Research a Lv8 destroyer.

Coast to Coast

Research a Lv9 heavy cruiser.

Bigger than Bigger

Research a Lv9 battleship.

Top Gun

Research a Lv9 aircraft carrier.

Hunt or Be Hunted

Research a Lv8 submarine.

Lexington Cannonade

Sink 10 enemy ships with a Lexington's main artillery.