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Virtual Rambling
So I run a bit of stuff around "Virtual Rambling", that is, exploring games in a chilled out way, focussing on games about exploring on foot, and modding games to make them less stressful/more exploration friendly.

The focus of this project is to:
i) Have fun - I love games, and I love 'em even more when I can play 'em the way I want to.
ii) Discover - to seek out new worlds, find devs and games I'd never heard of and to check their stuff out :)
iii) Discuss - I'm not the only one who likes to do this kinda stuff, I'm hoping to connect with others and see how and why they play

If you wanna check out some of the work I've put into this, have a look at my...
Steam Group: Virtual Rambling - a place to discuss Virtual Rambling, should it ever take off.
Steam Curation Page: Virtual Rambling - a collection of on-foot exploration heavy games that are low on challenge.
Itch.io Collection: Virtual Rambling Games [itch.io] - a collection of itch.io games focussing on on-foot exploration, which seems more prolific in the indie-sphere.
Twitter: @VirtualRambling - Networking with like-minded game devs/players/journalists and other accounts focussed on exploration.
Youtube: Virtual Rambling Channel - I walk around games and discuss them, and collect together work by other Youtubers.
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Ben Lunato has made a first-person narrative game with razor sharp wit, disturbing surrealism, and a tender story about a young man's relationship with his father. The game is visually and aurally arresting and engaging.

It takes about an hour and a half to play. There's no save function, but you can alt tab out at any point and leave it running. There are no menus (it runs in full screen mode afaik). Pressing escape will end the game, so don't do that.

For the sheer craft and skill gone into this, I heartily recommend.

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