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Virtual Rambling
This profile is super out of date :D

I'm not really doing it currently, but I used to run a conceptual gaming thing called "Virtual Rambling", that is, exploring games in a chilled out way, focussing on games about exploring an environment on foot, and modding games to make them less stressful/more exploration friendly, while tying in some exercise.

The focus of this project was to:
i) Have fun exploring games in a chill way, and improve my health at the same time.
ii) Discover - to find devs and games I'd never heard of and to check their stuff out :)
iii) Discuss - I'm not the only one who likes to do this kinda stuff, I'm hoping to connect with others and see how and why they play and tying the activity into the concept of psychogeography.

If you wanna check out some of the work I put into this a while back, have a look at my...
Steam Curation Page: Virtual Rambling - a collection of on-foot exploration heavy games that are low on challenge.
Itch.io Collection: Virtual Rambling Games [itch.io] - a collection of itch.io games focussing on on-foot exploration, which seems more prolific in the indie-sphere.
Twitter: @VirtualRambling - Networking with like-minded game devs/players/journalists and other accounts focussed on exploration.
Youtube: Virtual Rambling Channel - I walked around games and discussed them, and collected together work by other Youtubers.
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Literally can't express enough love for this game. An open world investigation in a surreal opulent pocket dimension where every character is a suspect. The final trial does not tell you whether you were wrong, you present your evidence and see what happens.

It's crazy fabulous, and the world alone is so multilayered. The story and mystery is enthalling. The music is gorgeous. It feels like an immersive sim. They're is so much to find, you'll need a keen eye to find the evidence that will reshape your take on events.

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