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UGC Highlander
Season 10 Gnarly Nautical Robots (Heavy) Blue Iron-Blue Steel
Season 11 TeamFree2Play (Leader/Heavy) Blue Steel
Season 12 Roster Hoping (Heavy) Steel/Silver
Season 13 Dream Killers (Multi-Class sub/Mentor) Steel
Season 14 Dog Walking Enthusiasts (Leader/Heavy) Silver
Season 15 Danimal Liberation Front (Leader/Heavy) Silver
Season 16 (Leader/Heavy) Gold
Season 17 Super Fast Lightning Quails (Heavy sub) Gold
Season 18 Quail Noises (Heavy sub/roster rider) Gold 1st place! (Pranked)
Season 20 Autists play HL part duo (Heavy) Gold
Season 23 Shooting Blanks! (Big Tiddy Cheerleader) Platinum
UGC 6v6
Season 16 On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (Multi-Class sub) Silver
Season 18 PG-Gangsters (Multi-Class sub) Silver
Season 19 To Tagg or Not To Tagg (Pocket) Steel
Season 21 Counterfeit Yen (Medic sub) Silver
UGC 4v4
Season 3 Classic Dix^ (Multi-Class sub) Gold
Season 4 Short Bus Rejects (Multi-Class sub) Silver
Season 5 Short Bus Rejects (Multi-Class sub) Gold
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shoob Feb 5 @ 9:56am 
My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
shoob Jan 21 @ 2:37pm 
What do I do? System Architecture, Networking and Security. While you were busy minoring in gender studies and singing acapella at Sarah Lawrence, I was gaining root access to NSA servers. I was one click away from starting a second Iranian revolution. I prevent cross site scripting. I monitor for DDoS attacks, emergency database rollbacks, and faulty transaction handlings. The internet - heard of it? Transfers half a petabyte of data every minute. Do you have any idea how that happens? All of those Youporn 1's and 0's streaming directly to your shitty little smart phone day after day; every dipshit who shits his pants if he can't get the new dubstep Skrillex remix in under 12 seconds; it's not magic, it's talent and sweat. People like me ensuring your packets get delivered unsniffed. So what do I do? I make sure that one bad config on one key component doesn't bankrupt the entire fucking company. That's what the fuck I do.
shoob Nov 1, 2017 @ 6:44pm 
To be quite frank, one does need to have a rather significant amount of intellect to comprehend Richard & Mortimer. Why, just yesterday I attempted to show my cousin (who has just entered his seventh year) the episode where the titular character, Rick, turns himself into a pickled cucumber. He laughed at the mere thought of a man become fermented vegetable, but I sat there watching, lamenting the deeper message: the death of intellectual pursuit, the desensitization to societal filth, muck, and mire, and the shameless abandonment of psychological understanding.
Top 10 Most Notorious HITTAZ Oct 6, 2017 @ 8:41am 
Yesterday i took an iq test but instead of the usual questions they showed me an episode of Rick and Morty and asked me to explain all of the jokes. Since i'm a genius I was easily able to do so. I explained all the references from the fact that "bird person" is based off Greek mythology, to the theory that Rick is inspired from a character in ancient mongol literature. As a result they told me I have an iq of 190 if not higher. I pity the peasants who think It's a show like any other.
Rhy Oct 1, 2017 @ 1:21pm 
Jerrrrr Sep 29, 2017 @ 12:25pm 
sb! Orga