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This is the only real legitimate Steam profile for OrangeGlazer :2017stickyorange:. I don't use any other accounts by this name.
Make yourself comfy here. :lunar2019piginablanket:
I don't typically add random friend requests because I forget who half of the people are in my friends list already, so if you have a reason- please comment it first!
If you want to send a trade offer or donation, here's the trade link:
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CHRISje May 11 @ 12:07am 
How much do u ask for the dead?
TurtleEngineer562 Apr 28 @ 5:51pm 
nice you got A+ on ghost town
microwaterbottle Mar 20 @ 2:26pm 
I played with him on faceit :jarate:
Sadness Gaming Mar 16 @ 5:46pm 
Man of gamer
Scout from Team Fortress 2 Mar 8 @ 5:26am 
let it be known that orangeglazer does not like orange glazed donuts
Andy Mar 6 @ 8:14pm 
+rep very saucy boi