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[Please read all of what's next, and sorry if this shows up twice.]

this isnt gonna be easy for me
my stomach's already in enough of a knot but
my great grandmother passed today
i never got to see her
last time i did(edited)
it was labor day
im probably going to be off for a while because of that.
thank you.

I do decent-ish sfm posters. Don't bother looking at the ones in my artwork area, that was a long time ago when i was brand new to sfm. But I won't stop you from looking at them.
If you would like a commission, I only do tf2 posters, and I want to be paid in tf2's currency. But sometimes I won't be taking commissions due to stress or something else (i.e. school.)

Okay Poster (1 character) - 2 Refined Metal
Okay Poster (More than 1 character) - 3 Refined Metal

Good Poster (1 character) - 4 Refined Metal
Good Poster(More than 1 character) - 4.22 Refined Metal

Since I'm still not amazing at sfm, just decent, it WILL take a few hours to a day or two depending on how hard it is. Plus they might delay due to family problems/school etc. I will try my best though.
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Schwefel Kamm Jun 9 @ 11:27am 
Now, I haven't slept since the other night and I haven't have food in a long time.
Time to get fat.
Schwefel Kamm Jun 9 @ 11:26am 
I am a major weeb.
Schwefel Kamm Jun 9 @ 11:25am 
I am aware.
But Hol Horse and Mandatta is always the best episode of Stardust crusaders.
btw, i knew that was going to happen