Vinyl the Birthday Horse
Boomslang - It's the crew man.   Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
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Custom R63 Vinyl model here:

Committing felony hate crimes since 2014

A good 99.9% of the time I have a profile pic that either I or a close friend commissions for me. If you're curious, just ask.

Some shit about Vinyl:

Theme song:

R63 Vinyl originated in Twilights library. The original Vinyl Scratch had both a DJ performance and Octavia's cello recital to go to. Not wanting to miss either, Vinyl went to Twilight for some help, knowing how good she is with magic. Twilight found the right book, read through it, and perfected the spell. Well, when casted on Vinyl, it made a clone but of the opposite gender. Not knowing what to do, Twilight essentially accepted she made an entirely new pony from the spells misteak. It was never before recorded before to have happened in Equestria, and when approached by Celestia herself, she too was lost for words at the sight before her. A stallion clone! The spell may have been a mess-up but Vinyl was here. And so became R63 Vinyl Scratch. He lives un upper city manehattan, and lives by himself in a small apartment with not much besides some microphones and DJ equipment. He enjoys tuning cars and enjoys making music, primarily dubstep, trance, and rap, as well as hip-hop. He stands slightly taller than most ponies being 5.4 feet tall (same as real life, 6ft4, in Anthro form) from hoof to shoulder. His build is a bit more muscular than most, being a bouncer for most of the clubs he DJs at in exchange for cheaper gigs and drinks. He often carries some form of knife on him for convenience, and can throw a decent punch, but any amount of agility can leave him outmatched immensely. (Thankfully, not a problem with errogant drunks.) Mostly relying on brute force and low center of gravity in any kind of engagement.

I used to have a YT where I read clopfics, but its gone now. They are still up but YT is dead to me.
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PC specs:

Quadfire R9 295X2 GPUs (2 GPUs with 2 physical graphical processors per GPU)
i7 6950X W/ OC to ~3.9GHz with Thermaltake 480mm radiator running 4 nautica fans.
Asus rampage V edition 10 mobo
16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 RAM
Samsung super-ultra wide monitor CHG90 (3840 X 1080)
2X 512GB Samsung 840 EVO drives in Raid 0
Windows 10 w/ Ubuntu on a flash drive I boot from sometimes for fun :P


Cinibench R15 - 4347

3DMark - 29,793


Naga Epic Chroma mouse
Black Widow Chroma mechanical keyboard
Duckey YOTH keyboard w/ MX Blues
Samson C301 w/ pop filter
Audeze LCD 3 w/ schiit magni/modi amp/DAC
Secondary laptop (Acts as a wifi card. :P ) is a probook 4530s with 4gb RAM and an i3 2330M
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Vinyl the Birthday Horse Mar 20, 2018 @ 6:54pm 
Looking for team, prefferably gold or higher. Demo, Soldier, Medic, Sniper