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As a new player to F1, I have to say the game is brilliant! Aside from a few bothers, this is a must for anyone interesting in racing or getting into it.


+ Cars look and sound great.

+ Ton of depth! Things like car set-ups, when to use your "boost" (ERS) for that extra power, when to try for an overtake, when to pit, what fuel to use, etc all add a fun layer of depth that really is rewarding. Don't be intimidated by this though since there's a casual mode to turn on if you don't want to worry about these things or choose which specific aids you want on or off!

+ Sense of speed is done well.

+ Can customize your own livery and character for online play.

+ One BIG one I feel most people most understate is the sheer amount of settings that you're allowed to tinker with. It's incredible. The mountain of options for graphics and controls is AMAZING. Every game needs to take note of what this game is doing here. It even has an in-game benchmark which is wayyy too rare in the games industry.

+ Works great even on a controller

+ Has F2 cars as well!

+ AI can drive really fast if you prefer to be a offline only player


- Online warnings/penalty system isn't always the best. Now, I feel people pick on CodeMasters a bit too much here since it's next to impossible to do something like this to the standard people one. A lot of racing is super contextual with its incidents so trying to program that within a game is a monumental task. However, occasionally you will still be shocked that you got a warning/penalty for something which where no where near your fault.

- It's weird, the game is quite optimized I feel (also has DLSS for NVIDIA GPU's, which is a great bonus! RTX when?!). That being said, whenever I'm in some of the menu's that contain character or car customization/upgrades, my 1080 Ti starts SCREAMING. In game, I'll never surpass the low 50's. Once I get into car upgrades (career mode), changing my character suit color, or game cut-scenes (things like interviews) the GPU goes insane. Immediately, I hear the fans start spooling up and my temps go up 10-15 degrees to the high 60's. No idea what this is about but I don't hear other people talk about so I assume it's just me? Nonetheless, quite unfortunate to have this issue but the performance while racing is great.

- Online just overall needs some QoL updates. If you ready up for qualifying lap, it's like the game freezes up. You can't move or change any menus, nothing. It's like the game is frozen. Also, you can't access the settings menu from a few of the screens during multiplayer which can be annoying. Loading in sometimes can take long but usually is okay. Also, one more issue I have (not sure if I'm just the one missing something or not) with online, unranked lobbies is when I'm allowed to join in. Let me explain: Sometimes, I'll spectate a qualifying and once it finishes, I can still join the race (towards the back of the grid though). However, at times I'll sit there waiting only to be greeted by a menu option to take me back to the main menu. I feel like it's a coin flip every time.

- Animations of the characters are super stiff - looks really cheap in an otherwise high quality game.

With all this said, this game is still amazing fun. When you get a lobby of players all genuinely racing and not looking to play bumper cars and having overtakes and tense side-by-side action it's sublime. I'd rate the game an overalr 9/10.
Posted December 23, 2020. Last edited December 23, 2020.
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This and the entire KR franchise is how to properly make a TD game. The art is great, the difficulty is challenging (especially on the higher settings), however, I never felt bored playing the game. I constantly wanted to see what works and what doesn't. The challenges that are built in, like Ironman, also add a bit of spice to the game and force you to change up your strategies. It's super easy to pick up and play, even if you've never played TD games before. Fantastic title
Posted June 30, 2019. Last edited June 30, 2019.
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Another sold out company to Epic
Posted May 5, 2019.
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