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Mount & Blade: Warband is my favorite game. Among all the ones I've ever played.

This game is the one that all over those years made me come back for a taste of more, with the multiplayer still active, stupid quantity of mods and recently hd textures release is a really good choice to buy.

The multiplayer mode and the singleplayer mode are totally differents I'll talk a little about both.

Single player:
The game is a medieval rpg. It's very intuitive and you aren't having a bad time to figure out by yourself how things works in the early game. When you start you choose your stats and background history. You have a small battle and are introduced to the battle mechanics, you can use one-handed melee weapons (swords, knifes) with shields, two-handed melee weapons (polearms, long swords) or long-ranged weapons (crossbows, archs, even slingshtos and rocks), the fighting mechanic is easy and very intuitive to learn.

After the first fight you are presented to the quests and the world map, the map is massive with 32 towns, 82 castles and 196 villages which you are able to conquer and destroy. All towns are controlled by 6 factions, that sometimes enter in war fight their map dominance. You can join a faction or my favorite one, create your own. If you want to be a bad guy and do things in your way you can be a bandit as well, but to do all of that you need a army.

The recruit system is very simple. You go to the towns and ask who are willing to join your faction, after that you pay 10 coins to each recruit, and to upgrade their class you're to train them. There is 3 ways of doing that: fighting in normal battles and the ones that survive are getting xp, going to the training field and training they with a pratice fight and some time, or having a skill of trainer that after everyday give some xp to your whole army.

The quests make a very important role in the game, first of all they give you money to make your army bigger and you can buy better equipments. Your relantionship with the quest giver are going to improve or deteriorate and affects all the parties. For example if a king ask to hunt a criminal in a town and you kill the criminal in a town that they aprecciate him your realationship with the town are going to deteriorate. If you fail in the quest the king will be upset and your relantionship with him are going to deteriorate. Making the right decisions of who are going to please is what are going to determinate your whole story. Don't upset who you can't fight, because you will end up in their prison.

When you lose a battle and can't escape you became a prisoner, then the party that captured you are going to carry you around until you the game gives you a oportunity to escape and start all over again. I think this system is one that gives more twists to your story, escape do a army big enough and have your own revenge, in your way.

There is so many others ways to get power and money in this game. And the best part is that you can choose your own way to do that.


Inside the multiplayer you choose between 2 factions and after that you choose between 3 classes, long-ranged one, cavalry one or infatary. Most servers give you 1000 coins to buy your equipment, after you get a kill you get 200 coins. If you do a objective you get 1000 coins, everytime you die you have to buy the equipment again, if you dont have enough money the tier of your weapons will be lower until you get the one you can afford.

Siege: Most popular one, in one side you have to defend a castle/keep from your enemies until the countdoown expires, in the another you have to invide before the countdoown expires.

Deathmatch: Free for all battle, just enter the server and kill the maximum you can.

Team Deathmatch: One team trying to get the most kills from another.

Battle: Two teams that the players only have one life. The team that survives win.

The another game mods people doesn't even play, so I'm not bothering talking about them.

tl:dr: Buy it, the multiplayer is still alive and the single player mod is the greatest.