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The Witness is a great game for anyone looking to challenge their mind. With over 500 unique puzzles, there's almost no end to the fun.

You start in a dark tunnel with a simple puzzle to open a door, from there the puzzles get progressively harder and harder until you end up racking your brain for hours trying to figure particularly hard ones out.

The game uses a number of different mechanics for puzzles, most are screen-based but some are environmental and use external factors such as shadows and sound to hint at the solution. Some of the puzzle mechanics are more annoying to get used to / figure out unless you play the game in the right order so if you find a puzzle you don't know how to solve you've more than likely skipped part of the map - go back and look for a tutorial pannel.

One of the most annoying puzzle types is the tetris pieces, They are hard to understand and can only be solved in one way even if other solutions are available, this caused me a lot of stress throughout the game but it was well worth it.

Beyond the standard areas, there are a lot of secret and hidden puzzles. This game focuses greatly on the gameplay and if you want to spend the time to solve every single puzzle you'll keep finding more to do left right and center.

This game is truly outstanding in its field and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of buying it.

The one thing I feel this game let me down on was the ending. Once you finish the game you are taken on a minute long journey over part of the map where all the puzzles you spent hours solving are undone. That's right, you get taken back to square one and the game closes. No reward, no end-game, no replayability, you're just done. I was truly disappointed after spending many hours solving puzzles to be left with nothing.

Overall, 9/10. Best game I've played this year.