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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jan 14 @ 11:58am

Welcome to Planet Zoo

Create your avatar and place them on the globe
Unlocked Jan 14 @ 12:23pm

Welcome to the Family

Adopt your first animal

Bronze Award

Gain a bronze award in career mode

Silver Award

Gain a silver award in career mode

Gold Award

Gain a gold award in career mode

Career Complete

Complete all career levels to a bronze standard
0 / 12

Silver Career

Complete all career levels to a silver standard
0 / 12

Gold Career

Complete all career levels to a gold standard
0 / 12

Franchise Zoo

Open your first Franchise zoo

Global Zoo

Open 25 Franchise zoos
0 / 25

Tour Guide

Build 1km of a tracked ride
0 / 1,000

Barrier Builder

Build 10km of barrier
0 / 10,000

Life finds a way

Have your first baby animal born in your zoo

Baby Boom

Have 73 baby animals born
0 / 73


Have an albino breed

Say Goodbye

Release your first animal


Fully train a member of staff


Complete the Zoopedia

Planet Zoo

Open a zoo on every continent
0 / 7


Open a zoo in every biome
0 / 6


Achieve an Education Rating of 5 Stars
0 / 5


Repay $50,000 in loans
0 / 50,000


Take part in a community challenge


Place 25 different Enrichment Items
0 / 25

This one’s a Keeper

Have at least 3 Keepers, each with a different roster

Circle of Life

Have a Juvenile Lion be born in a Zoo containing at least 10 species

Oh My!

Have a Lion, a Tiger and a Bear in your Zoo at any one time

The Elephant in the Room

Have two different breeds of Elephant born in your Zoo

Natural Selection

Have an animal in your zoo with a genetic makeup of over 90% in all categories


Enable all enrichment items in an exhibit

Animal Research

Complete the research on one animal in Franchise mode

Wow, that's a lot!

Build a habitat with 30 animals in it that all have welfare over 75%


Release 20 critically endangered animals to the wild
0 / 20

A superstar comes along

Have an animal reach a 5 star Animal Rating

An Elephant Never Forgets

Adopt the retiring Indian Elephants in Scenario 7