OlgaMkay Juicebrik
June   Denmark
Current team: None
Former teams:
Nove eSport Female

Stream: www.twitch.tv/olgamkay

Tilt compilation:

*DEAD* Martin Sonix : juice ok
*DEAD* Martin Sonix : instant report
*DEAD* Martin Sonix : fucking cheater
*DEAD* Martin Sonix : juice
Martin Sonix : reprot every round
*DEAD* worstlooser {LINK REMOVED} : olga you bitch
*DEAD* ★Faxx★ [SWE] : seee just hs
*DEAD* RockWell {LINK REMOVED} : report
*DEAD* Világ legjobb játékosai : turn off bitch
Du_bisch _die_Schlampe : you are so obv hacking
*DEAD* Du_bisch _die_Schlampe : aimlook
Snakee_HD : easy when you know where the enemie is comming son off noobs haha

● *DEAD* 9Lawi LffiL‎ : omg this bitch lucky -_-
● *DEAD* 9Lawi LffiL‎ : run adn shoot bitch
● *DEAD* 9Lawi LffiL‎ : anyway reported
TusseXD : i wanna be in your tilt
TusseXD : what should i write?
TusseXD : fucking cheater
TusseXD : reported

● *DEAD* twitch.tv/kykata8787‎ : Доклад за сървъра OlgaMkay е подаден, номер 3362547735185064066.

5HP ace 1v3 clutch
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last played on Apr 8
15.2 hrs on record
last played on Apr 3
✪ LFN Apr 7 @ 1:53pm 
♥♥♥♥ing bot! Never buys utility and only kill steals. Would love to beat her up in real life. On another subjekt, love this kid <3
Buchhave ✪ Apr 7 @ 1:50pm 
signed by boch
HAZE Mar 19 @ 3:54pm 
+rep :) my friend
グレッグ Mar 12 @ 11:21am 
-rep "I have 3k hours on the game and no boys talk to me outside of it :(
Relax Mar 4 @ 3:54am 
Relax Mar 4 @ 3:54am