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I rarely friend people, just saying it now.
Leave a comment if friending. I alias often, so nickname me.

If you can't handle being informed of things that you're unaware of or if your ego is too big and you can't be respectful, don't bother then.

"Like a bird that's lost it's wing in flight, I'm alone and also blue tonight; like a piece of driftwood on the sea, may you never be alone like me."
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I'm an avid player of TF2 and Slender Fortress 2 of Glubbable's Servers, a mod for TF2. I frequent the New York #1 server most often though I will go to other servers; hit me up if you need information regarding Slender Fortress.

I'm also sort of a mapper:

slender_desecration_b2c (And Modified)
koth_ashville_rc2d (with Hino) (Nearly done, might final it soon)
slender_overgrown_v2 (with Purple)
slender_cry_of_fear_a3 (don't ask me about it, I dislike it)
slender_xenophobia_v1a (with Purple)
slender_snickles_v1a (Optimized)
slender_hospice_b6a (and Halloween Version)
slender_the_ward_r1a (Minor fixes for Purple)
slender_noexit_b2e (Slight clipping fixes)


Relationship: Taken by a Double-Agent
Age: Old
Birthday: November 13th
Discord: Rorek#0731
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Welcome to my secret Not really guide about Slender Fortress's bosses. This guide is designed to help out new players about what the bosses can do or what they are capable of. It can also be used for veterans to get a refresher about th
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Ashville has been played for many years in Highlander as a whole, starting in 2012. Designed by Kevin "Mackey" Mackey, "Ashville" was originally made for 5cp, but later turned into a KotH map which has seen many seasons in UGC and RGL together under the al
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Created by - Magolor and Sussus Amogus

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