Smexy Flerxn™
~My name changes alot, but it usually has Smexy in it~   Canada
I call it, the furry community!
Haha, you're looking at my profile because you got rekt kiddo. Get yiffed on.
Extortion Of Planets ~ Legacy of Lunatic Moon
Make sure you read my infobox before you add.
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Important Infomation
"Lmao look at me, i'm gay. Haha, so special."

Please do not add me for trade.

I have the Canadian flag in my profile because I am Canadian, I just now live in England.

Because i'm one of theses may/may not mean i'm actually in that state.
In-Game: Responce time is slow.
Online: Free, but I may of forgotten to set to away or something.
Away: Chances are i'm away from computer. So yeah...
Busy: Most likely doing assignment work, please don't distrub too much unless important. (Or you've just been accepted and added to my list)
Offline: Feel free to message me for whenever I get back online!

About me

Who are you?
I am a simple being, I like bears, and some other animals, mostly cool Grizzly Bears.

So, you're a furry?
Sure, yeah. But it doesn't imply I care for the furry community, it's shit anyway tbh.
Every furfag for themselves.
This implies I'm not gonna force my "OwO" shit on you.

Will we ever play?
Usually I am busy, however asking will allow you to know if i'm free or not,

What I do
I am a college student for Computer Science.
I also enjoy coding games and attempting to learn programming languages.

What is your sexuality?
I'd consider myself gay, but I wouldn't want any
'special attention' for :GayPride:gay pride:GayPride: and shit.

How T h i c c are you?
F o o t l o n g

Do you trade?
If you wanted to trade, I would've done it with a trade offer, only time one should add to trade is if it doesn't work.
However I stopped trading for a long time so you shouldn't ever have to add me for a trade. So save your self some time and don't add me for trade. If you do add me for trade i'll just block and unfriend.


Project FaithEpoch (Game and Story project.)

:correct: Fag
:correct: Gay
:correct: Demonic
:correct: B e a r
:correct: All of the above.

[Time: GMT+0] (Canadian fuck that lives in England.)
Note: There may be times where this is wrong due to delays and such.

Monday: 5pm - 3am
Tuesday: 5pm - 4am
Wednesday: 1:30pm - 3am
Thursday: 5pm - 3am
Friday: 3pm - Whenever I pass out
Saturday: Frick
Sunday: (Around 1pm) - 3am

Another note: I am trying to sleep at around 10pm so I can wake up at around 2am so I can do work before I go to college.
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Smexy Flerxn™ Mar 11 @ 3:16pm 
"Lᴍᴀᴏ ɢᴇᴛ ʏɪꜰꜰᴇᴅ ᴏɴ, ꜰᴀɢ."