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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 9:46pm

The Invader

Cleared "The Invader."
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 2:22pm

The Impatient Skies

Cleared "The Impatient Skies."
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 11:37am

First Challenge

Cleared a Challenge Quest.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 1:42pm

Let's Go Boss Hunting!

Cleared an Extra Quest.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 11:36am


Cleared a Sudden Quest.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 11:33am

A Friend in Need

Cleared a Friend Quest.
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 9:34pm


Performed a Switch.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 2:50pm

Use The Forge!

Employed a blacksmith's services.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 12:23pm

Get the General!

Defeated the aura-clad monster general.

Bounty Hunter

Cleared 50 quests.

Black Blades, Silver Wings

Cleared an Extra Quest with only Kirito and Silver Crow.

Berserk Healer, World's End

Cleared an Extra Quest with only Asuna and Black Lotus.

The Elements

Cleared an Extra Quest with only Sky Raker, Ardor Maiden, and Aqua Current.

The Mediator

Completed all of Hexe's requests.

Otherworld Wanderer

Destroyed a solid Otherworld object.

Don't Spend It All in One Place

Used BP to buy something.


Raised one character's level to 500.

Highest Level

Raised one character's level to 1000.

Skill Expert

Raised one SAO character's skill level to 500.

Master Technician

Raised one AW character's skill level to 500.

Ultimate Masterpiece

Enhanced one weapon to +10.

Max Enhance

Raised a weapon from Rank 1 to Rank 10.

Weapon Collector

Obtained 100 different types of equipment.

The One of Many Names

Received 50 titles.

Hundred Holder

Acquired 100 total titles.


Chained together 8 skills with Skill Connect.

You Said It, Miss Strea!

Started episode 5 of "Say It, Miss Strea!"

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