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Complete the Prologue

Fate of Valinorth

Complete Act One

The Scribe-in-Training

Fortaime has joined your party

The Scribe

Valessa has joined your party

Cold Shoulder

Visit Eastcrown

Where It All Began

Visit Sauleberg

The Rebel Brawn

Ulric has joined your party

Might or Mirth

Made an important decision

The Handsome Swindler

Pro has joined your party

So That's What It Stands For

Learn more about Peregrino

Strength or Identity

Made an important decision

Corruption or Purity

You made a special visit


View a Parallel Chronicle

Time to Study

Read a book more than once

Some Quality Time

Engage in a comrade conversation

Taking Things Further

Engage in a heart-to-heart conversation

Among Friends

Listen to party banter

A New Frontier

Granted access to the port town of Mazeo

General of The Rebellion

Damek has joined your party

Time To Unwind

Visited the Tavern in Mazeo

Love Amongst War

Initiate a relationship with a comrade

Fate of Mazeo

Made an important decision

One Step Down

Made it to the Rebel HQ in Mazeo


Visited the Library

Catching Up

Visited the Barracks

Home Sweet Home

Complete Act Two

Punishment or Redemption

Made an important decision


Took a step forward

Life or Death

Made an important decision

The Price of Faith


Past or Present

Made an important decision

Rage of The Monarchy

Howl has joined your party

Fate of The Rebellion

Complete Act Three

A Long Way From Home

Arrived in the tribal lands of Alarinthia

Tradition or Transgression

Made an important decision

Strength over Words

Fought for your beliefs

Turning The Tables

A secret has been revealed

Lucky Number Seven


No More Than Six


Fate of Alarinthia

Complete Act Four

In Their Footsteps

Earned Valessa's loyalty

Reach For The Top

Earned Fortaime's loyalty

Ancient History

Earned Ulric's loyalty

Left Behind

Earned Pro's loyalty

Something Borrowed

Earned Damek's loyalty

A Change in Perspective

Earned Howl's loyalty

Where it All Began


Bonds Unbroken

Earned the loyalty of all your comrades

Revenge or Reason

Made an important decision

Below Freezing Point

Arrived in Balteus

Nom de Plume

Met an important figure

Calm Before The Storm

This is it


Completed a romantic subplot

Liberty or Death

Made an important decision

Fate of Alestia

Complete Winds of Change

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