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I am in middle school (Cool i know right? ᕦ( ͡⎚ᨎ ͡⎚)ᕥ) Anyways, I like to play ps4 alot. And i mean ALOT. I also Like to roleplay, random/wierd shit or just plain Fuck around in gmod. I dont play TF2 much anymore. But i do like Scp roleplays or the scp breach gamemode on gmod. well thats all. Stay cool ya Coons ☞ ͠° ͜ʖ °☞

Oh, And Fuck you Bob.╭∩╮

Ok you can stop scrolling down now.

Ok seriously stop.


Fine then. scroll on

You are a sad person.


Ok you reached the end. Are you happy? Do you feel rewarded? Probably not
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I found the difference

"find the difference!"
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no, no you arent :steammocking:
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Dr. Herpes Mar 8 @ 5:49pm 
Im an amazing person arent I?
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3:57 PM - ~Genocifist-!Stormy!: All hail Pyrocinical
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