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Personal Achievements

First Blood

Kill your first enemy


Buy your first item


First death

MiniBoss Slayer

Kill your first mini boss


Buy all items


Finish the second quest

MiniBoss Slayer 2

Kill every mini boss in one run

Regualr Costumer

Collect all hats

Boss Slayer

Beat the game

Top 1%

Complete the game with the stick

Wizard Hat

Find one elemental sword


Walk through 100 rooms in one run

Sonic Hat

Die in the first 10 seconds


Buy a Bow and a Rod in one run

Ranger Hat

Kill 50 enemies with the bow


Finish the first quest

Top Hat

Get 20c in one run without the Rod

Cardboard Box

Walk into a room with 6 Zomborgs

Boss Hat

Kill the final Boss

2 hidden achievements remaining

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