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Went in thinking it was some run of the mill tank game like you see on mobile ads, but this game is pretty fun! In the past week I've managed nearly 20 hours. Usually if it's something I don't like, I'll let it sit, but this game is intense!
Posted June 5.
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34.5 hrs on record (12.6 hrs at review time)

I've only had this game for a couple days, and I'm obsessed with it already. The game is, while difficult to master, is simple in concept. Starting off, this game does not hold your hand; you DO have a tutorial, but that doesn't fully express how challenging this game can be. You initially start off with 3 drones and the 1 necessary upgrade per drone (Tow, Generator, and Gather) as well as a small collection of additional upgrades that randomize at the start of your journey (Motion, Stealth, and Sensor are the 3 I managed to get the most).

As you explore, you can find scrap to upgrade and repair your drones, upgrades, and ship, as well as any additional fuel and even additional drones to tag along with you. While exploring might seem fun, it's only when you encounter an enemy are you heavily outmatched and potentially out of luck. Enemies will hide in rooms and wait for you to open doors to jump out and destroy (or disable if you're lucky) your drones, forcing you to tow them back to your ship or abandon them completely.

With each location you journey to, you expend fuel and resources. If you run out of fuel, your journey comes to an end and you must restart. Now, don't be discouraged - after all, you can turn your misfortune into something of a stroke of luck. After clearing a ship of enemies and ensuring there's no radiation/significant damage, you can commandeer the ship and replace it with your own; potentially netting a ship with a higher scrap and fuel capacity than the ship you initially started off with.

It would be a minor sin if I didn't mention the quests. YES! This game DOES have quests that you can partake and solve by accessing certain ships or areas pertaining to quest hints and tips. As you progress, you can stumble along a gruesome and horrifying plot about the missing crews and infections that have taken over. While this isn't necessarily optional, you do eventually get plot in the form of pre-mission notes/transmissions that tell a story. After completing the mission, you can further explore that story line if you so choose, or continue to explore the galaxy at your own volition.

As far as some of my negative views go; the game is heavily RNG based when it comes to location placement, fuel supplies, enemy placement, etc. While I don't normally have an issue with running out of fuel, I do find that risking entering an enemy's territory usually ends with the most important drone(s) being destroyed, which will kill a game instantly. Seeing as this is rogue-like, I can forgive it, but it does seem quite difficult right off the bat. While the initial room you enter is clear of enemies, there has been an incident or 2 where an open door in the first room leads to an open door in another room where and enemy is moving from to greet me with a deadly welcome (MIND YOU, THAT WAS VERY RARE)

Overall, I can overlook any minor inconvenience at the cost of a bit of grief and butt-hurt "git gud" vibes the game dished out. Sure, it's difficult at first, but soon you learn to adapt and overcome your aggressors, and eventually shoot them out the airlock..... Just as long as you don't accidentally launch yourself out of one as well.
Posted April 25.
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4.0 hrs on record (3.4 hrs at review time)
I bought for the pew pew, but I got the honk honk. It's a buggy mess and nobody in their right minds would play it. Good thing mine is no longer producing synapses!
Posted March 1.
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She looks like a brick, turns like a brick, drives like a brick, and takes boost like a brick.

She's a brick, but hot damn do I love this brick!
Posted November 23, 2021. Last edited November 23, 2021.
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67.9 hrs on record (58.1 hrs at review time)
Look, the game came out and was HYPED TO ♥♥♥♥; everyone bought it thinking it looked amazing and it has STILL disappointed me to this day. The game is still technically locked @ 30FPS (even after unlocking it, the counter says 400+ FPS in game but sure doesn't feel like it), the nearly impossible solo mission is nearly impossible, and the multiplayer (while not completely dead) is the pits; you're either a vet with everything or a rookie with "haha big gun go poof" syndrome.

Would I recommend it? Hell yeah! I love getting the snot kicked outta me in this game. I bought it, I only have ~50 hours in it, and I STILL haven't gotten all the goodies yet.
Posted November 14, 2021.
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55.3 hrs on record (4.7 hrs at review time)

After fully completing the campaign and trying out the multiplayer, I believe I have a more justified view on the game as a whole as of this re-write.

+++ Great Nostalgia Factor
++ Impressive line-up of vehicles at launch
++ Challenging "Campaign"
+ Vehicle Upgrades/Customization
+ Custom Track Creator

--- Phsyics and Engine Bugs
-- AFK Players in lobbies can't be kicked and still earn coins
-- Vehicle Bugs that have yet to be addressed
- Microphone settings in-game don't carry over from lobby to race and vice versa
- In-Game Currency "Loot Boxes"**
(Note: Loot Boxes are not monetized for real-world currency as of this post)

The game itself is very fun an nostalgic if you remember some of the good ol' Hot Wheels games like Stunt Track Driver and Micro Racers; which I feel had some of their aspects used in this game, as well as a "Forza" arcade driving style. The car line up is stunning and brings me back to my childhood with some classics like Deora and RD-02, not to mention Bone Shaker! The speed is there, the nostalgia is overwhelming at times, but the game feels like it is definitely missing some key things that make Hot Wheels feel like Hot Wheels.

Where are the stunts? Where are the turbo launchers at the beginning of loops that shoot you forward? Some small quarrels like this bring me back to reality, along with some of the whole grinding game. Sure, coins are plentiful and you can get them without touching multiplayer, but choosing to either swipe up a car for 1.2k (at most) hard earned coins or a blind box that can net you the chance of another Fiat or a Deora, it's a hard choice to make.

Don't get me wrong; the game is HIGHLY addictive at first, but it starts to feel like it's slowly drawing less and less of your attention as you complete more and more of the game. Regardless, it's a great thrill seeking game if you don't mind the grind to get your favorite cars. The multiplayer is ALSO very fun with the right crowd if you don't mind people who breathe heavily into their microphone or drop some rather illicit language. My recommendation is to get a couple mates and rip it on your custom tracks.

All-in-all, I would recommend this game if you enjoyed Hot Wheels as a kid, if only for the feel of driving your favorite scale modeled car for once in your lifetime.
Posted October 5, 2021. Last edited October 14, 2021.
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If I can't lose my 10mm, it isn't a real simulator.
Posted September 4, 2021.
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Early Access Review
I honestly expected low-brow, low quality performance. I got SWAT 4 meets R6S for some saucy 3 way between the community. Weird on paper, but hey, it works. Toxicity exists still in this game regardless, that's why they have a mute mic/mute chat feature.
Posted July 18, 2021.
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54.1 hrs on record
Alright, this game is a load of junk.

I might have 54 hours, but that's probably 54 hours too many. Without further adieu, let's begin!


The game has a plentiful array of customization options for you and whoever you choose to be in the game, from your car to your clothes and everything in between. The RPG leveling and faction system is pretty on-point and you can choose to level your specific faction leader any way you see fit. It allows for a unique way to play if you're into completing errands via PvP missions.


Where oh where to begin... The engine is pretty dated, running on what feels like a VERY old 2007-esque engine that begs for a polish. Aside from the details and the coloring and the fumduckery that is the low draw distance and inability to see more than 50 meters in front of your pixelated "face". Never mind the graphics, the way you level and progress is by doing PvP missions and HOPING you do well enough to earn a level up from your current leader, and yes, that is the ONLY true way to level up your factions, however you can risk your sanity by jumping into the arena zones and testing your luck there with your not-very-dependable-in-the-slightest standard issue rifle, which, mind you, does less damage than a mosquito bite.

By the time you've maxed out a certain leaders' rank, you'll soon come to find out. "Hey, you're not the right level yet to purchase this specific rifle that might save your life if you get into another match. Try another few levels and you should be able to get your hands on it; fingers crossed!" The PvP itself is FAIRLY unbalanced for someone just coming into the game, with people who blatantly cheat, hit detection that might work in your favor, and people who have put years into this game only to swat you like a fly, only they're using a flamethrower and you're tied down to a sticky trap.

The netcode is something of a useful tool if used properly, however here it feels like someone gave the reigns a try once, gave up after making something "Presentable" to share holders and dipped out faster than a cat in a bath of frigid water. WHEN you die in the PvP scenario, there's a 90% chance you will be facing the opposite direction of where you're supposed to be. So instead of charging into battle to be slaughtered once again, you'll be turned around in a hasty retreat, so that you can run away from your imminent demise and decide "Should I keep playing this s*it show of a game or should I return to the likes of Brink for a rousing game of 'Don't let them launch a Nuke'."


Just don't even bother with this game. The devs are keeping this alive barely. I just came back to try and remember the fond times where you could almost win a PvP match and see the glistening promise of a new rifle, only to be sniped at the beginning of a mission from half way across the map by some chap wearing only his boxers and a "Swag" cap.
Posted March 19, 2020.
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TL;DR Conclusion at the bottom -- THIS REVIEW HAS BEEN UPDATED

+++ Great Weapon Sounds
+++ Unique Enemy Designs
++ Immersive Soundscapes and Environment
+ Great Dubstep Soundtrack

--- Poor AI immersion
--- Textures and Reflections Lacking
-- Soundscapes Glitching
-- Bugs Hindering Immediate Gameplay
- Lack of Decent Story

To start off, this game had SO much hype behind it and I wanted this game to come to the fruition that it was hyping. Sadly, however, it did not, and I'm a bit disappointed in that regard.

First things first, all versions of the games are a bit buggy, but the consoles are the most polished of all 3 versions. The PC port is actually the roughest looking of it's competing platforms, EVEN ON ULTRA! The animations on the enemies are jumbled messes of large proportions; they basically have little lag fits, but it's not lag, it's the AI and the animations doing their own song and dance.

Next, the gameplay. It's not TERRIBLE, but it is a bit... boring. There's not a lot to do and see, mostly forests and fields as it promised. There are enemies that "roam" freely on a set of rails, but that's not much to give the player a sense of caution. Combat is not that intimidating, rather stale and repetitive regardless of the various forms of enemies. Looting is pretty simple, nothing really to touch on there. The waypoint system is a bit goofy- it tells you to complete a certain objective at a certain place, where you will probably get confused and scour the area thrice over just to find what you're finding.

Now we can talk about the bugs- OH THE BUGS!
When I first launched it, it wanted to force my controller to start. I shrugged and instead used my mouse, which didn't work (nor access any of the menu options). You create a character, load into the world aaaand there's no mouse controls... My best assumption is that the launcher removes itself from the primary window when it boots and you NEED to tab out and back for it to work (this is not a good way to appeal to your PC fanbase btw). Next were the low textures and poor reflections. As I stated before, the console versions are superior because of the texturing and reflection work, this version is the coloring book version of that; little to nothing immersive about a low quality texture brushing my nose. Again, the enemy animations are atrocious when it comes to the AI deciding how to use them and when to use them. Soundscapes fading in and out whether you're in a building or not is another fail at immersion- I could go on.

My overall rating: 7/10
Conclusion: Everything about this game SCREAMS to be better than it was released, but for this port specifically, it's nothing but a hoax. I myself had high hopes this game would be a hit, only to get smacked in the face. If the devs want this to be a hit, they need to spend some more time debugging and playing the game AS IT SHOULD SHIP before it get's into players hands; incorporate a delay, the people who REALLY want it will wait for it to come out.

If you want this game to be AS good as it's console superiors at this stage, wait till the devs put more tuning into this product.

**Edit: I upped the score from 6 due to the fact some reflections are showing, weather effects play a key part in this system,

The One Year Later Review 3/30/2020

After a year at least to polish, the game has improved IMMENSELY over the last few times I've played it. Animations are better and more accurate, enemies don't senselessly clip through walls to find and hunt you down, certain areas don't repopulate so quickly, and enemies are FAR easier to take down from a distance compared to what it was like even months after review.

I applaud the developers! Thank you for making the game better than it was when it released. While I think the dust has already settled and some people are forever scarred by their initial impressions, I think the game in and of itself has improved plenty fold. There are some issues still remaining; shooting an enemy that's just slightly above a fence doesn't register, enemy detection is still a tad wonky, and there are some issues with the interface when selecting an already possessed weapon (had to drop, pick it up and re-equip ammo and mods), but overall, it's still better than what we got in the beginning. Kudos to you!

Raising my previous rating to an 8.5/10
Posted March 27, 2019. Last edited March 29, 2020.
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