Trader, Novice SFM Artist, and Hat Enthusiast
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--Trading, Commission, Etc--
*My trading is on a First Come; First Serve basis

*All my trading is made via offer buyout only from

*Do not add me to trade; I don't hold items for one perspective customer

*If the item isn't listed in my backpack with a selling price, it isn't for sale

*I'm not selling my backpack

To view my current 'For Sale' items, Click Here []

*Note: I do work a full-time job. If I don't get to your trade offer right away, please be patient.

Commission Work
Currently, I'll be offering basic SFM poster services and packages. My skills aren't quite the best, but I do put some reasonably decent effort into my work. Here is my current pricing and workload information:

Current Patrons : 0/3
Basic Package : 5 Ref
Premium Package : 10 Ref

Package Details
Basic Package : Includes - 1 Character Model (TF2 Models Only) w/t Weapons, Cosmetics, and Props
Premium Package : Includes - 3 Character Models (TF2 Models Only) w/t Weapons, Cosmetics, and Props

MvM Touring
*I respect you if you respect me. Tour number doesn't mean anything; if you play well and are willing to listen to reason, we won't have any beef

*Every class is viable, some more than others. If your experience is dictated by someone else's play style, you're doing something wrong

* Soldier, Pyro, Demo, Heavy, Medic, Spy are my preferred classes
Artwork Showcase
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