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Lucas   Ontario, Canada
:snikblue: Accounts under level 5 , private profiles, scammers will all be blocked.
:snikblue:Only add me if it's an emergency. Otherwise, send me a :mfbluedia:Trade Offer
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S L 17 січ о 10:06 
Hope you're having a good weekend. :gng:
Millenium 17 січ о 2:35 
+rep bought karambit CH for a great price :) Went first
He was super nice and willing to work with me the entire time even through a bunch of difficulties
AxWell 10 січ о 15:46 
+Rep sold him my tf2 keys via bitcoins. Working with this man about 2 years, everything is good. :heartp:
Cobalt S> M4 Knight FN 10 січ о 12:14 
@Millenium CS.DEALS : added you:heartb: :good:
Millenium 10 січ о 12:06 
Add me please I want to sell my items
Freya 29 гру 2019 о 12:14 
+rep :winter2019cooldog: