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Powerhouse_Event_h1r is my Halloween Rework of CP_Powerhouse. Over the past years I have worked on the project on and off and it has reached what I would consider its Beta Stage. In other words this is not the final product, but it is certainly playable
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YOYOYO 21 Set, 2018 às 17:24 
+rep sick halloween map bro
Kisco 17 Set, 2018 às 14:55 
I would like to talk ;v
SKIZZLETZ 22 Dez, 2017 às 12:59 
straightace 1 Ago, 2017 às 22:43 
Impeccably Average MY ASS
big rat 15 Jun, 2017 às 12:03 
+rep great trader and very fair
S P A D E S 16 Jan, 2017 às 18:35 
+rep- paid more than a cheaper sell order to me just to help me out :)