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Some useful cvars
cl_teamid_overhead_always 1
^This will always show your teammate's position, even through walls, so you can avoid teamfiring.

^if you BIND this one to a key, you can clear blood and bullet-hole decals, so you can avoid mis-identifying enemy targets on walls, corners and window angles. I like to clear my blood after every kill/engagement so I can have a clear picture of the situation.

rez_isgay 1
Speaks for itself. Rez is gay.

More to come.
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Odin Oct 26 @ 9:32pm 
Previous commenter is a homosexual if they leave their comment on my profile. Unless they are from Canada.
T.w² | Rez Oct 26 @ 9:22pm 
if u log anymore time on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, it means you're gay
tw | rizky Aug 20 @ 5:33pm 
croissants are tasty
T.w² | Rez Aug 8 @ 2:57am 
why cant i put a bump stock on my extended mag for my revolver
tw | rizky Jul 19 @ 9:37pm 
T.w² | Rez Jun 25 @ 7:08pm 
ur cheating