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R.I.P Team Fortress 2.

Great game, not the best Dev's, terrible company.

Really great game, a whole 3 years playing this game. Found the best the people in this game and they have made me who i am today, and im greatful for that, but this game has taken a huge fall all the people i played with are gone, they have quit for other games or just gave up completly, now its my time. I can barely find servers anymore and it takes way to long if im able to find one. I played comp all the way till i got banned on UGC and OZF (for cheating on ALT's (not in any of them platforms, just casual) those admins especially OZF killed the comp community the quickest. ♥♥♥♥ing Obla banned wayyyyy too many people for the same reason as me but way not as bad as me some just cheated for like less than an hour and still got banned on OZF, so he just burn in hell :) like the piece of trash he is. I'm not mad about being banned btw, couldn't care less.

but overall great game if you want to play it go ahead its great fun with friends. Have Fun :)

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