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>:] nice

Please read my custom text box. I'm kinda tired of getting random friend requests with no idea why you add me.
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Welcome to my Profile! :VlambeerYV:

For trades, use this link

I do have an alt

If I'm ever playing TF2 (which I do a lot) and you want to join my party, just send a request. If I decline, I'm probably playing with friends or I want to play solo.

In Team Fortress 2, I main Pyro, Demo(Pan / Knight), and Heavy
In Nuclear Throne, I main Y.V. & Crystal :vlambeerPlant:
In TBoI:A+ I main Cain :resmile:

I have a YouTube Channel

:P::A::Y::TheD::A::Y: :2: runs at 16 fps and makes me sad

My Nuclear Throne Stats []

:2017trophy: :2016trophy: Winner of the Cool Guy Award 2 years in a row :2016trophy: :2017trophy:

Painting Conscientious Objectors / Flair! / Photo Badges in full color for 3 Refined! (If you send a Decal Tool along with the Conscientious Objector, that's 2 Reclaimed off!

My item showcase is full of foil cards from my favorite games. I'm still trying to get them all :p

Some things to note:
- School is starting back up for me, and I may be off for long periods of time.
- My original name is Obi Con Knowme. If you added me under something else, know that this will be the name I use most of the time.
- Please comment down below about why you're adding me. If you want to trade, use the link at the top of my profile.
- If you constantly beg me for items, I WILL unfriend you. I know you want free things, mostly everyone does. Go to a site like , not me.
- If you message, I'll try to respond as soon as possible.
- If you ever want to play with me, just send a message, and if I have the game, I'll probably play with you. If I don't, I probably just want to play by myself, or I'm already playing with other friends.
- If you ever want to trade, just send a message with an offer attached to it.

- Scammers Encountered = 0
- Cosmetics Crafted = 65

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This is clearly the superior choice to Overwatch. The characters in game actually move their faces when saying things. In Overwatch, you can be banned temporarily for spamming Emotes, Voicelines, or even only playing one hero for an entire game. In Team Fortress 2 on the other hand, you get an achievement for causing a dominated player to leave the server.
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don't lie to yourself, Kakyoin has no personality.
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RIP Kakyoin best crusader
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added cuz u qt
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