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I legit cried at the end of the game. This is my first FF that I started and finished.

The main positive of this game is how realistic the character interactions especially the four bros. They always have a banter after each request you accept when you walk around a little and speak their thoughts on the quest they accepted.

The combat has its flaws. Sometimes the combat work but sometimes it doesnt. You just need to know what to do and read your opponent mainly. Try the demo to get a feel of it.

The story has its flaws fixed bcz it includes the Season 1 DLCs of the Chocobros.

Even if the story is lacking to FF titles[not sure I am not a huge FF fan], but it is still a damn good story.

Go through this story with low expectations despite it took 10 years to make and focus that this story is just about four bros going on an adventure. You wont be disappointed when you reach the end and know it was a fulfilling journey with your bros.

EDIT: Be sure to save a lot of good pictures too!
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