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My name is ████ █████

I am ██ years old

I am a silly Boyk

I'm an britishmun:UnionJackFlag: a "moonraker" if you will because I'm a wiltshire boy (not a farmer though). The only languages I know are English and English, I know a few French words too like "poulet", "piscine" and "fatigué"(pronounced fatty gay).

I play some games, like nearly everyone else on steam, they are:

Team Fortress 2 :sticky:
Payday 2 :wolf:
Killing Floor 2 :MrFoster:
Gta 5 (sometimes)
pokemans is pretty cool
Destiny 2 is fun
and other stuff I guess, nothing really comes to mind, there are probably more though.

I like potato waffles, boy are they nice, I do reccomend, they are like chips, but not...

Seeing as I am talking about random stuff, I might aswell talk about animals
I have some cats, they are nice.:engineercat:
I have a dog, it is an evil, but nice.
I have some girbils, they're nice.
And some rabbits, they are nice.
I have a gecko called duncan too, he is a funny dude.

You guys like the Doge meme? :CunningPepeRed:

ϟ Trading info and all that Jazz ϟ

ϟ I'm not trading at the moment, and I haven't for years, so if you are sending a friend request to send a trade request I will ignore it. (I will not press ignore myself because it makes me feel bad so I just wait until they go away.)

ϟ If you do manage to friend me (not for a trade) I will most likely not talk to you, no hard feelings I'm not very good at talking to people or having anything to do with people, I will not ignore you if I see the message but I usually won't message you out of the blue.

Ah yes people put links in there thingy don't they

bird website
:csgocross: https://twitter.com/Ferbbomb
:csgocross: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2N7U-k_xtPbC22EjubVvRg