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Some Australia cunt who sucks a video games. That is all

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:bananahammock: Hello!:bananahammock:

Its Ya Boi, NyanGoldfish. But you can call me Nyan, Goldfish, NG, Daddy, Faggot, or whatever you want, I don't care.

:bananahammock: SFM Posters :bananahammock:

While I use to do SFM Posters for people just for fun I don't do that anymore. Feel free to still ask, but don't get your hopes up.

:bananahammock: Trading :bananahammock:

While I'm not to big on tradeing I do still dabble in the at. Anything on page 1 of my TF2 Backpack are for sale & will most likely be listed on Backpack.tf
I am trying to get one of every Factory New Plaid Potshooter War Paints. If you have any I dont have for sale, let me know.
I am also looking to buy TF2 Hats crafted by Youtubers or big members in the TF2 Community. Msg me if you have any for sale.

I will not trade with anyone with a private inventory & I don't work with external websites (e.g OPSkins ect)

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LonelyYodeler | trade.tf May 23 @ 8:17am 
+rep good trader
loser May 23 @ 7:51am 
+rep chill guy and good trader
joe May 1 @ 6:59pm 
+rep agreed on a reasonable price
its fake water
Jack_ Feb 19 @ 8:22am 
+rep is good fish
Nerd Dragon Jan 1 @ 3:41am 
+rep Good trader, accept my weird items