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"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better."

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:noir_glass:Wasaaap, I'm a businessman @ Igxe [www.igxe.cn] with around 40k profit. I help people specializing in everything Steam guides related including steam profiles, leveling up, and more! :noir_glass:

Currently looking for a sponsor for Youtube, no gambling websites!
Shoot me an email at http://nutlope@gmail.com with your offer if you're interested!

Perfect world China server

Perfect world china server is a chines steam community that seek stuffs that are on demand on china. China don't have steam affliate websites like us that's why the price in ours will be doubled or tripled when china buys it. Good profit and rolling the money wisely is good

Contact me at http://nutlope@gmail.com if you're interested in advertising your game or company with us.

Useful links

OpskinsMarketBalance [imgur.com] Twitter

Current Funds [imgur.com]

Work with VISA, Webmoney, Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill, QIWI(only USD/EUR)
If you don't want deal with me via OPSKINS/BITSKINS, send me an offer, and specify your requisites. And I'll pay you 65-75% of the total cost.

Price List:
CSGO Keys at 1.9 USD / 1.70 EUR.
CSGO Skins at 65-75% of Average Market Price.
Sometimes i give you % for stickers.
Give % for a nice float and rare skins.
(If you want to sell to me, please add me and message, or just leave a comment)
I'm not a trader. I'm a seller, so pls don't ask me to trade something.
TryAgain: Don't Add me : If you try to scam.
Don't Add me : If you beg for free items ( I choose when and to who i will give some free items)
Don't Add me : If your profile is private.
Don't Add me : If your inventory is privat or empty.
Don't Add me : If your account have Trade or VAC ban.
If I delete someone, that's why we don't play active games together or active trading.
I clean friend list from inactive users every 20 days. So, it's nothing personal.
I am interested in :
The best float in the world souvenir Factory New of any skin.
:8infinity_In_the_loop:Any Souvenir Awp with KennyS signature.
:8infinity_In_the_loop:Any souvenir Awp Dragon Lore Factory New.
:8infinity_In_the_loop:Any Extremely High tier rare skin.
:8infinity_In_the_loop:Any StatTrak™ AWP.
:8infinity_In_the_loop:Any Gamma Doppler (Factory New).
Feel free to add me.
Don't waste my and your time by trolling, lowball, higball or try to scam.
Don't try to trick me, I know all the possible ways.
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Stay positive, enjoy and have a nice day my friends
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Easy Skins. Easy Money.
OPSkins Marketplace is an online trading platform, where gamers around the world buy and sell digital items using real-life money.

It’s a simple process that can take as little as one hour: list your item for sale, automatically receive OPSkins Wallet Funds once a buyer purchases the item, then transfer the OPSkins Wallet Funds to your bank account.

Once you’ve acquired an item (in a game or by purchasing it) and created an OPSkins account, click on Sell[], and follow the instructions to transfer the item from your Steam inventory to your OPSkins inventory.

When a buyer purchases your item the proceeds from the sale are deposited immediately into your OPSkins Wallet (minus OPSkins’ commission). You can then turn your OPSkins wallet funds into real-life cash by visiting the Cashout[] page, which enables you to transfer the funds from your OPSkins Wallet to your PayPal account or bitcoin wallet (fees vary depending on the method you choose). If you choose to Cashout to PayPal, you have the option to receive your funds in less than an hour by selecting our popular One-Hour Cashout feature.
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