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I Chew Ice Cubes Jun 24 @ 11:19am 
Yes I'm mad when you hit me on hook when i broke your ankles and with that salt you decide to slug you are garbage
I Chew Ice Cubes Jun 24 @ 10:39am 
You slug everyone with 5 cakes on because i looped you so hard your ankles broke just uninstall the game kid
RODSIN Feb 13 @ 4:23am 
don't get into another drug called pay day 2 ....
NoFearLarsIsHere Feb 6 @ 11:04am 
it was cool playing with you :-)) great wing man !!!
Hummgy Dec 5, 2021 @ 10:34am 
+rep holds me tight at night
RODSIN Sep 29, 2021 @ 10:23am 
a really good person :)