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"Among the good deeds which the Armenian people has done towards the church and the Christian world, it should especially be stressed that, in those times when the Christian princes and the warriors went to retake the Holy Land, no people or nation, with the same enthusiasm, joy and faith came to their aid as the Armenians did, who supplied the Crusaders with horses, provision and guidance. The Armenians assisted these warriors with their utter courage and loyalty during the Holy wars."

-Pope Gregory XIII
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Kaukasus: A Transcaucasus Alternative History is an Alt-History based on: ‘What if Transcaucasia was never conquered by Soviet Russia?’

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[h1]A Brief History[/h1]
The Red Army failed in its invasion of
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tbh i was just nervous, u actually look really cute in your profile and thought u may want to play minecraft. there are lots of scary caves but don't worry ill hold ur hand if u get scared (: Please accept my friend request so we can talk to eachother bb, sorry i dont want to assume i can call u bb, im really not one of those guys. Xoxo -daniel bb :Marissa:
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Just saying, but Kazakhstan is Turkic.