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I really wanted to love this game. I really did. However, as it currently stands, its very hollow. I'm not going to talk about the bugs or glitches (those will be fixed in time, and I don't care that much about them at the end of the day).

The world is pretty, the graphics are amazing, the soundtrack works really well. The art department really nailed it. However, that's really the best parts of this game.

CDPR promised a lot, they had their scope way too big for their own good, and unfortunately fell flat on their face. I wouldn't compare this game to No Man's Sky. Its not an empty map with nothing today, instead there's a lot to do, but nothing special about any of those things.

My mains pros:
- Beautiful art and graphics
- Amazing soundtrack
- Great world building and lore
- Mo-cap animations for damn near everyone look stellar.

My main cons:
- Gameplay: Its nothing special. It was promised to be an RPG with looter shooter elements, instead, its a looter shooter with near no RPG elements. Borderlands does both RPG and looter-shooter better than CP2077. The fist fighting, gunplay, driving, and hacking all feel disconnected and unrefined. Its hard to drive, hand to hand combat is inaccurate, enemies are bullet sponges, and hacking feels gimmicky at best.

- Story: The main story line feels lack luster. It has promise, but with the intro to the game being a montage instead of actual gameplay, I find it hard to care about any of the characters. Without getting into spoilers, there should have been at least 5 to 10 hours of gameplay where the montage was put in place. I don't care about the characters, even my V that I designed. There's just no connection and I'm introduced to several characters that seem to know who I am, but I've never heard of them even when they reference how they know me. On top of that, there's no real choice to any of the game. The quests are nearly completely linear where my own choices are some dialog options.

- NPCs/Cops/AI/atmosphere: I'm combining these for a reason. They all contribute to the most damning issue: Its a beautiful, but shallow world. There's no meaningful interaction with NPCs, just some variance of "♥♥♥♥ off" or similar when you try and talk to them, or bump into them. You can't sit down and watch the city bustle by. The police and NPCs don't have an AI, shoot a gun and they all cower while the police spawn right behind you, not even showing up in cop cars. Speaking of cars, there is absolutely no traffic AI to speak of. Cars are on rails driving a predetermined path. They don't try and end around you if you stop in the middle of the road, no one freaks out if you side-swipe them or weave through lanes. And traffic lights turn green as soon as you get up to them. Everything feels awfully hollow, shallow, and robotic in the way that assembly lines tend to feel. They spent all this time on an amazing looking city and insane amounts of lore, but not one person in the city seems to give a damn about getting anywhere on time or being human. And the day/night cycle is essentially just a filter, nothing changes about the city day or night.

- Promised content that was never delivered & cut content: CDPR promised a lot of content that was never delivered. Some of it I don't mind not being present (dangerous weather conditions). But the lack of a metro system, dynamic AI for NPCs and police, a true wanted system, true customization (seriously, not a single barbershop in a city where getting cybernetic parts is commonplace???), non-linear quest decisions, lifepaths meaning something, etc. Throughout the entire game, you can easily see where content has been removed, be it the opening montage of V's backstory, the metro system with empty stations and tracks all over the city, to the fact that so many items have descriptions or references to things that aren't even in the game.

At the end of the day. I really want to enjoy the game. And I'm probably going to keep playing it just because I hope to find something in it I truly enjoy. But I wouldn't recommend buying it in its current state. CDPR should have called this an open beta. To say this game is release ready is just a flat out lie. I sincerely hope they are able to bring this game back. However, I have my doubts. While everyone is talking about performance issues, or bugs and glitches, the real issue is the poor design decisions, half baked story and mechanics.

Its clear the developers themselves put their heart and souls into the game, and I truly appreciate that, and understand that the investors and management is the reason this game feels so rushed and shallow. I'm crossing my fingers that this does turn around like NMS managed to do.
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