God rest your soul my sweet bunny Fluffles, you were the best rabbit and despite everything I did to take care of you while you were ill, I couldn't stop you from being taken away. -October 15th 2019

:awoo:~ ♪Thank~awoo~♪ You've been so amazing to me and I don't think I could ever make another mistake to hurt you after everything, I can't function without you and you're always here to light the way in the darkest of nights and to care for me when I'm down in the darkest trench. ~ :hanawoo:
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To the most important person in the world to me.
:sunflower: My name is Will, and I belong to the sweetest boy in all of my life, despite the mistakes I make I hope he stays with me forever even if I can be an idiot and break his heart.. I don't deserve him and the wonderful things he does for me and all I do in comparison just pales. If there was anyone I'd consider the best person in the world it would be him, the only reason I wake up is because of him, the only reason I still feel in my heart is because of him and I want to tell him that every waking moment of every day. Ryan if you're reading this understand that I love you and I could never full express how much you mean to me in words or actions, they'll always fall flat no matter what I do. Even if I took a bullet for you and jumped in front of a train for you, I would still never be able to repay you, I owe you far more than my life, I owe you my eternity, everything. I would give up everyone and everything just for you, I don't care if you'd tell me not to do it if you wanted me to do it, or if your life was in danger, I'd do it within a heartbeat. Without you life is meaningless to me and there's no reason to persist forward, no reason to quit crying, no reason to keep crawling, nothing. You'll probably read this and think it's some kind of joke, but it's not and it never will be. I love you and I want you to be my husband, I don't need anyone else, not even fluffles my pet rabbit. Please never leave me. i don't want you to ever go, don't let my dim light fizzle out. I want to cook for you and to give you everything you could ever ask even if per say it involved me working 15 hours a day just to do it at a dead end job I hate. I just want you to be happy and I just want to love you and put a ring on your finger, even a ring-pop like kids do, afterall it would top off the sweetest person in my whole life, no, the universe, space and time all combined, everything. Nobody else matters. I promise you that, and I promise you that I love you dearly. I am and always will be nothing without you, no matter how tough I look or act; it's a fact. I'm not the strongest person in the world and I never will be, I'm still weak and even weaker without the only one I need love and support from. I will never hurt myself around you since you asked that I never do, and I will never let myself live with the pain I can cause you again and again. If life were to come to an early end for you, I know you'd tell me to keep going without you but in truth I couldn't; but I'd try... and life without me I know it'd be just as hard but I know you could do it better than I ever could. The tears that flow from my eyes almost never, always come out because of you and what I may do to you. You still cause cracks in my everlasting tough bunny facade. Nobody can take that away from you, and nobody can beat how much you've put my heart together again and again after all the breaking that's happened to it. I want to always do the same for you, forever.

You're the Beauty to my Beast. I may be a monster but you're the only one to show me love like nobody ever could. I'd rather not live my life in solitude because that'd be a life without you.

I want to marry that fox
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There's something strange going on here, but I can't quite put my finger on it.