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Hi I'm Pawky. I'm not pawky. I want to become a voice actor
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>>I do not accept most friend requests. Comment below before adding me<<

According to Pawky lore․ Whenever he dies he ends up in a completely different world in a version of himself that did exist or will exist in that world․ There's a small chance he'll end up in a timeline where he's still living․
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Willing to trade all of these items. Looking for Strange Factory New Frozen Aurora Medigun or proks medigun. I'm willing to sell other items. Send me a trade offer via the url in my profile to send me a trade
kingeryjr Sep 14 @ 8:24pm 
+rep chill dude
Yellow Toad Aug 13 @ 8:08pm 
nscd Jun 13 @ 10:36pm 
Cool guy. That is all.
[❤] A Red Folfo Jun 1 @ 7:03pm 
another furry in TF2, nice
Transformerly male May 16 @ 10:53pm 
+rep chill dood
Elmomuncher May 8 @ 11:22pm 
+rep stand up guy and a great trader