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Jul 31 @ 12:23pm
In topic Can you own a castle in this game?
Originally posted by ;1760230682466273633:
you do not own a castle, you are the major of a village which does not even have proper walls surrounding it. That are 2 completely different things.

Still love the dlc though.
Apples and Oranges, close enough.
Jul 31 @ 12:01pm
In topic Can you own a castle in this game?
Potato Tomato.
Jul 31 @ 11:51am
In topic Can you own a castle in this game?
As Horsedancing pointed out but I didn't see because I was on page one haha.
Jul 31 @ 11:50am
In topic Can you own a castle in this game?
Hey guys sorry if this counts as Necroing an old thread but I have Kingdom Come on PS4 and with the new From the Ashes DLC you can indeed own your own castle. Devs listened to feedback and delivered and I must say it really adds a lot to the game.
Jul 31 @ 11:45am
In topic Still the best BlazBlue
Ok now I have to say this and Cross Tag Battle are the best BlazBlue games with Continuum Shift close behind.

I got cross tag on console and it's great, the DLC policy is a bit crap it seems like we'd get more fighters in a single pack for that price but it's still great.
Jul 31 @ 11:42am
In topic I kind of liked the original build.
That's awesome I didn't know that. How do I play the original build, the one where there were buildings on a hill by the coast and you had to acquire and build them up then set out down some mountain paths to fight goblins. Caus I wanna go play that again.
Discussion moved from another thread to respect moderators wishes.

Originally posted by Black Jesus:
What dehumanizing language?

You're calling them deviants. Homosexuality is perfectly natural and normal, it's common in all mammalian species including sogging Whales and history proves that it's always been common in humans and has only been hidden due to centuries of violent oppression.

Originally posted by Black Jesus:
I simply said it's deviant and wrong

What's deviant and wrong about it? Why do you think your personal aversion to the same sex is an excuse to persecute and exclude other people? What do you care what consenting adults do together?

Originally posted by Black Jesus:
I used no sexual slurs or name calling.

Calling homosexuals deviants is like using a racist slur.

Originally posted by Black Jesus:
And yes you are hypocritical you calling me out for being close minded and one sided for not accepting what you believe

You're advocating the active exclusion and persecution of groups of people.
I'm advocating options and said that the only reason to be against those options, which wouldn't in any way affect you, is bigotry.
All you've done is prove me right.

You're projecting.
Moved discussion to my own thread to respect the wishes of a modder.
Jun 23 @ 8:25pm
In topic MegaModPack 0.95
Originally posted by Black Jesus:
I posted a rebuttal of your ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t on my own thread move the discussion there.
Jun 23 @ 8:08pm
In topic Gay Marriage Mod -Request-
Originally posted by =NV=Hammer:
The reason all those mods were deleted from the Nordic and Runeforge forums is it broke the current official patches of the game as the mods were mostly designed for pirates of the European seas it would all have to be remodded.
Not true. A lot of the mods were basically Do It Yourself with instructions so there was no file conflict. The Extract and Install mods always had incompatibilities with every patch or update but then the mods would get updated by someone if they were popular so that would be nothing new.

The REAL reason the mods were deleted is because the Runeforge moved to a different forum and everything on the old forum was lost.
Jun 23 @ 8:04pm
In topic Gay Marriage Mod -Request-
Originally posted by 7m-Apx:
Мод канул в лету? Ну и слава богу! А вы уважаемый можете теперь покинуть данный форум.
Couldn't even translate that but I'm betting you don't logic well.
Jun 23 @ 3:27pm
In topic Gay Marriage Mod -Request-
Your argument is stupid horse♥♥♥♥♥♥because many things about this game are not historical and we are discussing a MOD that ALREADY EXISTED and was lost due to runeforge changing forums and deleting everything.
Jun 23 @ 3:14pm
In topic Gay Marriage Mod -Request-
Attempting to respect Fajeth's wishes and carry this discussion out of his mod thread, someone was requesting a mod to re-introduce gay marriage and courtship to the game.

I said re-introduce because such a mod already existed. There are several references to it here on steam along with now dead links. The "Marry Anyone Mod" and the "Court Anyone Mod" even came with edited text and sound files so that it blended seamlessly into the game. People could create a great gay empire if they wanted, nothing was stopping them.

That is until Runeforge shut down the old forums and deleted all of that information.

So basically, if anyone has the mod or anything backed up, or some archive of the thread it was on or something, it'd be appreciated. And if someone is willing to work on making a new one, Fajeth has offered to help by answering any questions you may have.
Jun 23 @ 3:04pm
In topic MegaModPack 0.95
Originally posted by entruecker:
wow wtf what's going on here?
i am ok with gay supporters, but its annoying that, somehow, every discussion is hijacked by them

Why are you blaming gay people and not the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s who respond to them by trying to shut them down and exclude them? Do you expect them to just be silent and have nothing about ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t arguments and bigotry directed against them?

Originally posted by entruecker:
:D the loud minorities...

It's almost like they want to be recognized as people and treated fairly and are pushing back against the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t given to shut them down.
Jun 23 @ 2:52pm
In topic MegaModPack 0.95
Originally posted by Black Jesus:
But your a hypocrit.

Nothing I have said or done is in any way hypocritical, nor ironic, you on the other hand.

Originally posted by Black Jesus:
Your saying it's wrong to be against gay marriage because

Because it's discriminatory.

Originally posted by Black Jesus:
then you turn around and insult others

No I turn around and say that there's no legitimate reason to be against it and that people who aren't bigots don't have a problem with it. Also even if I had insulted you, that wouldn't be in any way hypocritical. I never expressed any problem with insulting people.

Originally posted by Black Jesus:
You call those against it as narrow minded but your "either accept it or be a bigot"

People who are against it are narrow minded.

Originally posted by Black Jesus:
If not liking sexual and social deviancy

What makes it "sexual deviancy?" Because you said so?

Originally posted by Black Jesus:
makes me a bigot

You use dehumanizing language to refer to homosexuals.
Jun 23 @ 12:30pm
In topic MegaModPack 0.95
Originally posted by Merluca Kitsokami:
And thats why talk abbout gay marriage is allways such a hot Topic.

It shouldn't be.

Originally posted by Merluca Kitsokami:
If people are against it they get insulted cause they are "narrow minded"

Because they are and there is no legitimate reason to be against it.

Originally posted by Merluca Kitsokami:
And then cause some people Prefer it, now everybody needs to have it smacked right into their face?

People who aren't bigots aren't against it and don't perceive optional LGBT Representation to be "in their face"

Originally posted by Merluca Kitsokami:
The hypocracy is real.

Yeah and it's entirely with the people who are arbitrarily against a gay marriage mod.
Jun 23 @ 6:25am
In topic Local Co-Op?
Originally posted by QM:
Originally posted by Not Jim Sterling 💯:
If they can add local on console they can add it on PC.
Didn't a different developer port the console versions?

Possibly but it shouldn't matter, adding splitscreen for just about any game isn't some arcane formula that requires esoteric knowledge, unless there's something very peculiar about a particular engine. It just requires the will to do it on the part of the developers. If they can add all of the stuff that they've added over the years they can add split screen multiplayer.

Originally posted by QM:
Either way, both sides are currently lacking, while I would like to see complete feature parity, it seems highly unlikely. You're just gonna have to get used to never having the full experience, if you've ever enjoyed one of Klei's games, you'll recongnize the feeling.

I know the feeling indeed. Klei is frustrating in particular because they don't have any possible excuse other than contempt for their customers.
Jun 22 @ 2:26pm
In topic Local Co-Op?
Originally posted by Pineapple Rainbows(Duct Tape):
It's because they stopped updating PC as much because there trying to make terraria console nearly identical for cross-plateform play, so you won't see the splitscreen feature on PC till then.

Yeah but it'd be nice if the devs would go ahead and do split screen. If they're going to give console all the PC features, then PC should at least get that one console feature.

Originally posted by Pineapple Rainbows(Duct Tape):
The splitscreen feature on console was add only to console because terraria console had no offical community hub to find other terraria console players unless you already know them, but I understand your issue.

And then a lot of people made youtube videos of splitscreen play with their friends, and people had split screen building parties and split screen PvP wars and things like that, and it made me want it too.

Originally posted by Pineapple Rainbows(Duct Tape):
ILocal co-op is something not common as much on PC plateform and as it is couch co-op is becoming less common.

Who says? PC as a gaming system has a large underserved demand for couch co-op and splitscreen. These features have been major selling points contributing to the success of a number of games, particularly indie games that otherwise probably wouldn't have made back their money.
Jun 22 @ 2:20pm
In topic Local Co-Op?
Originally posted by pokemon go master: This is a mod that requires tmodloader but allows for splitscreen.
Yeah but that's multiboxing
Multiboxing requires multiple versions of the instance to be running, and also tends to cut off parts of the screen and provide lesser quality images, ugly windows bars, and other problems.

You CAN, but the developers should add true splitscreen to the game.
Jun 22 @ 11:08am
In topic Local Co-Op?
Here Here!
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