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Always Kitkat.

Everybody gangsta until the lawyers show.
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Hewwo and welcome to my profile, please read before adding!

Could you pwease comment why you're adding, thanks

All you need to know is below

Age: I think i'm 17, not sure tho.

I'm not very friendly, might unfriend you after 1 day of knowing you.

Games I play: Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V), Dead by Daylight and Minecraft.

Favorite person

Good person: Amelia <3

My permanent link:

↣ Gifts ↢

Risk of Rain 2 by DownieBrown

↣ About invites ↢

• If you didn't comment why you're requesting to be
friends, I'm going to decline it.
• If you invited me to a group, I'm not joining it.
• If you're here to trade, i got nothing, but if you're still interested, here's my Inventory and my Trade link

• Last and final rule, don't you ever read my profile... HoW dArE yOu?!

If you want to know more, contact me via this
Cute Kitty#5663 (discord).
Be sure to comment on my steam profile why you're adding me on discord, if you don't, your request won't be accepted

k tnx bye uwu
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Not Catualus ❤ 2 hours ago 
Iruma-kun 3 hours ago 
wait wot why am i ur favorite person.
meichan96 15 hours ago 
BAHAHA, cat bad :')
Not Catualus ❤ 17 hours ago 
Object of Depression Feb 24 @ 11:03pm 
-rep, you are so bad at this game that even skillchecks feel sorry for showing up to you.
meichan96 Feb 15 @ 5:37am 
best mod on pixel server owo always has the best hentai owo
yes very cute cat girl yes :Pantsu: