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2017: Alliance launch, revisited. I wish I did not.
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Guns of Icarus Online exists as it is now because Muse games some time ago decided to break out of slavery of their publisher and make the game as they see fit.
That's actually a shame, their publisher could probably whip them up into doing it properly.

There are a couple of quite enjoyable things that kept me playing for that long, however, and I shall briefly list them here:
- The idea of steampunk airship dogfights itself is very appealing and I do not really know many games that did that at least as bad as GoIO did, not to mention the multiplayer;
- If, somehow, you manage to get in a match with players of skillset that is equal to yours - you might find the battle quite entertaining and rewarding no matter of outcome. There is nothing better feeling than standing in a close quaters battle with enemy goldfish and spire at the same time while piloting the long range mobula and your ally being 20 seconds away from rescuing you, where your gunner and gungineer, by some miracle, manage to disable the fish' front disabler, repair the armor AND manage to hop in back on guns just in time to strip down spire's armor so we would be able to accelerate our speed to maximum using moonshine and ram into the bloody monstrousity with the force of two planets colliding, which woul result in this flying stick falling apart, our ship taking heavy damage, golfish finishing us off, ally arryving just in time to gank up on a lone fish and bring us this last kill we needed for a victory.
At a moments of that I was proud to be a captain of a ship which managed to do something that I previously believed was impossible and was grateful for my crew, which managed to keep up with my pace and commands while making miracles of their own.

Sounds amazing, right?
Unfortunately, that happened about two or three times during my stay with GoIO.

And that's about it on what I enjoyed about this game.
Let's move on to the points that made me hate it and developers.

First of all, there always was, is and will be a problem with online unless developers finally change their "solution" to the problem.
The thing is, the GoIO got quite a steep learning curve and even with their lousy tutorial it will take some heavy relying on more exprienced players and practice to at least understand all aspects of the game as the whole. Mostly relying and annoying more experienced players obviously, who are not quite happy with this and never was in any way protected from new players and their naive idiocy yet many suggestions were made regarding this issue.

Basicly, the game has a "cycle" which reads as follows:
-No influx of new players makes veterans drop the game and play something else;
-Developers patiently wait until online drops to the critical amount up to the point when it is almost impossible to find a match to play in while playing in non-murican timezones;
-SUDDENLY developers make some shady deal with humble bundle or steam store, which basicly sells the game in large amount and grants the online grow up to 700%;
-Newbies swarm the game, make servers laggy and generally annoy veterans with lowered quality of match while veterans sometimes snap at newbies and most of them eventually stop playing to return to the game later. Or not.
-Newbies play for a while, online drops down to the point it was before because some of them did not handle the agression from old-timers or failed to understand how the hell they are supposed to play it, some veterans return and no online growth expected since then;
-Goto 1.

Seriously, check the steamcharts for this game - this is a bloody american ride, always going up and down so sharply that it can slit your throat open.

Second problem would be the game optimisation and balance.
Check the recommended hardware for this game, double the video GPU up by perfomance and there is quite a chance that your game will lag like a Crysis 3 on pentium 2 era PC each and every time you encounter the cloud or a flamethrower in action. This is just happens, believe me.
Regarding balance - it tends to change in more radical ways and in most unpredictable ways that sometimes I felt that I am playing Starcraft II post-HoTS period. I even remember a couple of times when players playing in beta-branch of the game complained to developers about obvious issues with balance they are going to bring with this patch and about zero damns given - following update you could kill anything and anywhere with a flamethrower just in a few seconds.

Third problem would be the developers themselves.
Quick facts - they are either lying or simply ignorant, if not both, amateur bunch of people.
Those who played for a while and followed the process of development shoul know the guy named Keyvias aka Matthew - the guy with a keyboard and a very long tongue, handling PR.
By his claim you are always welcome to drop by and say a few words to a feedback mail account, but I guess that does not imply that at least a single damn will be given about them.

For examples:
30.08.2014 I sent a very throuough feedback about outdated game manual with detailed list of outdated and false information.
Month later feedback was aknowledged and promised on the grave of every single dead person to be fixed, one more month later manual was still outdated and reminder was sent by me, to which a hastly thanks for reminder were received. On december the bloody thing was outdated so I reminded them about it and received some lousy excuse in response as well as promise to fix it very quite soon. In january one more reminder was sent and Matthew was not heard from ever since then.

UPDATE: As of 15th may of 2015 refund was received.
On december of 2014 I asked them if it would be possible to receive a refund for pre-order of adventure mode and was granted with positive response that they would be glad to honour it as soon as I provide necessary information to make a transaction. Said information was provided and, fast forwarding through a series of another lousy excuses, I received a final offer of GoIO styled bullet-USB or 10 USD worth in-game shop items. Which, as histerically funny it may be, was refused. Nothing heard from ever since then.

As for less personal examples: developers, in attempt to win community's favor, claim that they are gamers themselves. That they are actively playing the game and know it, know the community, know it's problems.
It sounds as a good idea, however, developers are known to play only few games in a week among themselves and lucky few players who manage to get their hands of a password. It is quite obvious that you never see any riff-raff, newbies or average Troll Joe over there.
Which leads to such moments as developers aknowledging such problems as double-classing and telling players to deal with it, but threatening players with consequences in double classing happens in their game, never knowing and sincerely being shocked by possibility during the dev-community video chat that informing via HUD reported player that he was reported by anonymous for bad behavior may and will escalate the conflict even further, never realising in whole scale how hard it can be to find actually enjoyable game with old and new matchmaking systems alike.

From what I know and experienced about developers - I came to a decision that I can't trust them and that they are doing quite a lousy job. If you are willing to agree or disagree with me on my point is up to you, but take what I wrote up there in consideration.
And yes, I am still waiting for that refund.

Now about matchmaking.
For you to understand how severely following problems affect the gameplay for ALL the players participating in the match I must note that GoIO is HEAVILY oriented on team work. If single player is failing to provide - the ship fails to provide. If one single ship in team is not efficient enough - the team is doomed for failure.

Continued in comments.