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:ramenbowl: I do not trade outside of this account :ramenbowl:
:ramenbowl: I do not discuss outside this account :ramenbowl:
:ramenbowl: I do have a handful of impersonators :ramenbowl:
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Selling items listed on sale on my Backpack.TF or Marketplace.TF page only.
Majority of my Medic collection is not for sale

:albatross:Trade Offer Link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=80843022&token=iCzk3_cr
:albatross:My Backpack.tf Link: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198041108750
:albatross:My Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.tf/shop/ramenoverlordsupreme
A bit about me.
:albatross:Let Me Introduce Myself A Little:albatross:
Hi, my name is Ramen . I like long quiet walks, listening to music, staring at the night sky, rainy days, ice-cream, films, games, and stuff like that. I'm pretty chill unless you are annoying, then I don't want anything to do with you.

:rainbowlove: My Boy :rainbowlove:

:albatross:Random Trivia About Me:albatross:
AKA: Romin865 | -».•´Noodelicious`•.«- | RamenOmen | RamenOverlord
Birthday: September 1 1997
My favorite games: TF2 (MVM), Overwatch, Undertale, Gunpoint, Portal 2, & Bloons TD5
My favorite unusual effect: Frostbite, Galactic Gateway
My favorite killstreak combo: Villainous Violet + Incinerator
My favorite music genre: Swing
My favorite colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Black, & White.
My favorite food: Ramen (What a surprise)
My favorite drink: Vodka and Mint Chocolate

:albatross:Notable MVM Drops:albatross:

:lyneglow: Two Cities :lyneglow:
Tour 3: Pro KS Sniper Rifle
Tour 14: Pro KS Powerjack
Tour 19: Pro KS Frying Pan
Tour 23: Pro KS Sniper Rifle + Spec KS Grenade Launcher
Tour 29: Spec KS Knife + Spec KS Grenade Launcher + Spec KS Rocket Launcher
Tour 32: Pro KS Sniper Rifle
Tour 33: Pro KS Beggars Bazooka
Tour 34: Pro KS Frontier Justice
Tour 36: :armystar: Australium Tomislav + Pro KS Flamethrower
Tour 45: Pro KS Flare Gun
Tour 48: :armystar: Australium Tomislav
Tour 53: Pro KS Violet Knife
Tour 60: Pro KS Rocket Launcher
Tour 72: Spec KS Rocket Launcher
Tour 75: Spec KS Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 85: Pro KS Black Rose
Tour 87: Spec KS Degreaser + Basic KS Knife
Tour 96: Spec KS Rocket Launcher
Tour 105: Spec KS Pistol
Tour 111: Spec KS Shotgun
Tour 119: Spec KS Grenade Launcher
Tour 131: Spec KS Rocket Launcher + Pro KS Big Earner
Tour 142: Pro KS Minigun
Tour 150: Basic KS Grenade Launcher
Tour 157: Pro KS Degreaser
Tour 160: Spec KS Degreaser + Spec KS Flame Thrower
:orionamet:Tour 168 Badge Reset:orionamet:
Tour 1: :armystar: Australium Wrench + Pro KS Phlogistinator + Spec KS Degreaser + Spec KS Fists + Basic KS Scatter Gun
:orionamet:Tour "178" Badge Reset:orionamet:
Tour 6: :armystar: Australium Flame Thrower + Spec KS Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 9: :armystar: Australium Axtinguisher + Pro KS Black Rose
Tour 12: :armystar: Australium Black Box + Pro KS Bottle
Tour 14: Pro KS Quick Fix
Tour 15: Spec KS Shotgun + Spec KS Sniper Rifle
Tour 19: Spec KS Medigun
Tour 22: :armystar: Australium Rocket Launcher + Spec KS Shotgun
Tour 24: Spec KS AWPer Hand
Tour 26: Spek KS Rocket Launcher
Tour 27: :armystar: Australium Ambassador
Tour 31: Spec KS Degreaser
Tour 32: :armystar: Australium Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 38: Spec KS Rocket Launcher
Tour 45: Spec KS Sharp Dresser
Tour 46: Basic KS Knife
Tour 51: Spec KS Rocket Launcher
Tour 55: Spec KS Shotgun
Tour 56: :armystar: Australium Scattergun + Spec KS Ambassador
Tour 59: Spec KS Rocket Launcher
Tour 79: Spec KS Flamethrower
Tour 80: Basic KS Grenade Launcher
Tour 81: :armystar: Australium Scattergun
Tour 88: Spec KS Scattergun
Tour 97: Spec KS Scattergun
Tour 114: Pro KS Grenade Launcher + Spec KS Knife + Basic KS Medi Gun
Tour 115: Spec KS Knife
Tour 121: :armystar: Australium Force-A-Nature
Tour 126: Pro KS Scattergun + Spec KS Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 130: Basic KS Knife
Tour 132: Pro KS Degreaser + Spec KS Knife
Tour 143: Spec KS Scattergun
Tour 145: Spec KS Degreaser
Tour 147: Spec KS Shotgun
Tour 155: Spec KS Frying Pan
Tour 163: Spec KS Sniper Rifle
Tour 169: Pro KS Lugermorph
Tour 174: Spec KS Shotgun
Tour 175: Pro KS Hot Hand
Tour 192: Spec KS Knife
Tour 210: Pro KS Hot Hand
Tour 211: Spec KS Sharp Dresser
Tour 224: Spec KS Shotgun
Tour 227: Pro KS Wrench
Tour 229: :armystar: Australium Eyelander
Tour 246: Spec KS Knife
Tour 259: :armystar: Australium Frontier Justice + Spec KS Iron Bomber + Spec KS Wrench
Tour 262: Spec KS Eyelander

:lyneglow: Mecha Engie :lyneglow:
Tour 4: :armystar: Australium Sniper Rifle
Tour 16: Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.II
Tour 26: :armystar: Australium Sniper Rifle

:lyneglow: Gear Grinder :lyneglow:
Tour 5: Diamond Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I
Tour 30: :armystar: Australium Black Box

:lyneglow: Steel Trap :lyneglow:
Tour 1: Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.I

:albatross:Aussie Drop List:albatross:
17 Aussies
Scattergun: :armystar::armystar:
Force-A-Nature: :armystar:
Rocket Launcher: :armystar:
Black Box: :armystar::armystar:
Flame Thrower: :armystar:
Axtinguisher: :armystar:
Grenade Launcher: :csgox:
Stickybomb Launcher: :armystar:
Eyelander: :armystar:
Minigun: :csgox:
Tomislav: :armystar::armystar:
Frontier Justice: :armystar:
Wrench: :armystar:
Blutsauger: :csgox:
Medi Gun: :csgox:
Sniper Rifle: :armystar::armystar:
SMG: :csgox:
Ambassador: :armystar:
Knife: :csgox:
Pan: :csgox:
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It's ok.
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First Asia, then the world.
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-\/G- Ghostdog Mar 13 @ 12:14am 
+rep great person
Ramen Mar 12 @ 10:31pm 
Yeah it's honestly fine, after a more clear explanation that wasn't just a copy paste from a response template, I can understand the reasoning behind it and accept it happily. Though in my opinion they should update their system a bit.
Seeing on your issue again as it was reopened, im not surprised that the admins decided to also remove yours on his....this is one of the troubles about the trust rating system because in the eyes of bp.tf , the trust rating system is only those who can be trusted upon doing ricky trades or is untrustworthy because of being a scammer or doing something scummy.

the best example of your sort of case are like sharkers. they shark many unusuals for hundreds and thousands of dollars and what do they get? a worthless untrust rating(in which new users wont find out about this because they are new) and they CAN STILL USE the premium features and pretty much continue what they wanna do because after all it costs money for the premium features
Ramen Mar 12 @ 2:31am 
Heya Spicer, I'm going to be straight with you. There are no ill-feeling towards you, but it was discussed before, we don't think you would be the right fit to be part of the Dumpster Crew. You have a short history on scrap, but have already been banned at least twice, and have shown questionable actions and thoughts. Although you won't be allowed into the crew, I wish you luck on your own personal events. There's always room for more event makers, it's not limited to 1 big group.
CSpicer337 Mar 11 @ 1:41pm 
Here to give a shout out to the dumpster fire crew that I’m now available for events whenever possible, but I still ain’t gonna reveal my plans for two events I’ll make myself :3
Ramen Mar 8 @ 6:44pm