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This collection is focused on a neutral, vanilla orientated enhancement of your gameplay. I personally recommend this collection if you're somewhat new to Rimworld and unsure how to improve your game without altering the content of the core game too much.
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Created by - \//\ Polyrytmi.
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Stellaris has been by far one of my favorite games in the younger past, a title I always love to come back to and play a round with some pals for a weekend.

In (very) short, the game's got extremely beautiful visuals, sounds (And a wonderful OST, you can check it out on Spotify), game mechanics ect.
In addition, you have some nice (but rather expensive for what they deliver) dlc's and a blooming workshop with so much to add to your game, I'd say the workshop's content in quantity and quality is only beaten by Rimworld.
You have tons of faction customization and a rich pool of events that can happen to you.
My minor complain would be that the AI leaves a bit to be desired. Mostly from their predictability over to their usually passive behavior in regards of mid- and endgame crisis (Galaxy wide, apocalyptic events which pose a threat to everyone, take demons invading earth for comparison).

All that would be no problem at all, but my major complaint is that, playing multiplayer is simply not possible. It's a community wide issue, mostly in the mid or endgame the game seems to be unable to handle all the things going on.
Paradox has yet to solve this major issue but doesn't seem to communicate too much about it. Hotfixes and patches in the past claimed that they attended to it but I almost felt no difference, the problem about someone to sync out of the game at random continues to occur.

I can highly recommend the game if you intend to play alone, but simply not if you're looking to play something with your pals.
Quite a shame, since it's one of my favorite titles. Should the problem be solved somehow, I'll gladly withdraw my negative review.
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