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Now, I don't usually leave reviews on games but I need to tell people what I experienced. All I can say is wow, I came in expecting a poorly made asset flipper but I can honestly say that this game surpassed all my expectations. Now I can officially say that I, a grown man, have experienced childlike wonder for the first time in years. The level design is stunning, with a full 360 world to view, although not fully explore unless you have a room the size of Ted Cruz's gore pit. Actually thinking about it, that gore pit wouldn't be very big as the Zodiac killer left most of his victims bodies at the scene of the crime. It's not like Ted Cruz would even use a gore pit in the first place, as he would usually end up eating his victims alive, kind of like an anaconda. Makes sense if you think about it seeming as he was placed under quarantine for 10 days back in March which is convenient as that's exactly how long it takes for a fully grown anaconda to fully digest a human child.

Anywho, this game gave me a brain aneurysm whilst I tried to save a pink fox thing from a pirate octopus using bubble guns. 10/10

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