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Currently binging on a roguelite/roguelike near you.
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Games I'm currently playing:
Since people often ask me for game recommendations, here's a list of games I've got on the go and ones I intend to finish. I'll also be adding more recommended games when I get more time. Also playtime is totally off for me as I do most of my gaming offline.

- Wizard of Legend
- Fell Seal
- Earthlock
- Farcry 5
- Resident Evil 2 (always hated the controls on PS1 and now the game feels actually playable)
- Dungeons of Dredmor
- Ghost Recon Wildlands

Semi Back Burners:

- Skyrim (Giving it another try since my save corrupted when this game first came out when I was like 85% done the game).
- Tangledeep

Backburners that are about to go cold but I hope to one day finish:

Batman Telltale
Age of fear
Pillars of Eternity 2
Divinity Original Sin 2
Hand of Fate
Invisible Inc
Darkest Dungeon (On the fence as to if I'll finish it or not)
Low Age of Magic
Dungeon Rats
Age of Decadence
Omerta City of Gangsters
Massive Chalice
Battle Brothers
Grim Dawn
Victor Vran
Rogue Legacy

Recommendations (90% of my gaming is done offline so this is based off solo/campaign):

Roguelites and Roguelikes (I often go for the Rogue games that are hybrid mixes of dungeon crawlers or hack and slash):

1) Rogue Legacy
2) Streets of Rogue
3) Barony
4) Rogue Empire
5) Nuclear Throne
6) Killing Room
7) Nuclear Throne
8) Enter the Gungeon
10) bit Dungeon II
11)Death State
12) Quest for Dungeons
13) Chronomicon
14) Immortal Redneck


1) Max Payne 3
2) Darkness 2
3) Mafia 2
4) Tomb Raider (2013 version)
5) Doom (2016) - Over hyped but still decent in single player. The campaign drags on at the end imo.
6) Farcry 5
7) Wildlands (Great game and I like how it ties other titles in the TC world together, and without ruining it, the fact that his game is serious and able to give nod to a certain 80's movie was done so well that you can't help but give these guys a serious thumbs up).

Walking Sims:

1)Firewatch ( The end is a let down, it's an enjoyable game none the less).
2) Layers of Fear
3) That Dragon Cancer (1/2 through, every parents nightmare)

Games I've recently beaten:

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