Hah, You'll never know!   Colorado, United States

What do you think i am? High? Oh thats correct nevermind...
OC 1: Lilly

Likes: Flexible to the Roleplay
Dislikes: Flexible to the Roleplay
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Straight
Nationality: Flexible to the Roleplay
Height: 5,4
Favorite song: I Wouldn't Mind by He is We
Age: 23
Occupation: Flexible to the Roleplay
Place of birth: Flexible to the Roleplay
Raised in: Flexible to the Roleplay
Date of birth: April 22
Currently Offline
Some Stuff c:
WHAT!? 2020!? Since when!? Oh, Its been 2020 for a while now? Shiiiit...
This is a Info Box
Friending Rules:

1. I do not trade.

2. I am not human garbage, Maybe... But don't treat me like shit just to treat me like shit

3. Do not Read my profile to me Out Loud in Discord or any other Voice Chat/Call.

4. Do not friend me if I have no idea who you are! And that will determine the acceptance or not.
My Main Computers Specs

3.50 GHz CPU
16 GB Ram
64 Bit Operating System Windows 10
8 GB Radeon RX 480 GDDR5
ASUS Z170-AR 10 GB Motherboard
2 TB Hard Drive
Power Supply is not needed to be mentioned
I fucked a brick
-Ninjastormling 2017

Hey kids wanna go into my Fun House?
-Stary Mic 2017

Its not gay to have bum fun with another guy... Right...?
-Ninjastormling 2017

Mary had a little dick, little dick.
-Stary Mic 2017

I love beeing called gay
"bee"ing XDDDDDDDD
- Ninjastormling 2017

Barney is a nigger in my fuckin anus!
-Stary Mic 2017

My peepee is tiny and shrivle!
-Stary Mic 2017

Lol you thought I was gonna say Fuck
You were right
-Ninjastormling 2018

I am very intelagent
-Swifter46ter 2019

Hey remember when stary lived in that rape shack?
-NinjaStormling 2019

What Racists!
Your white right?
-NinjaStormling 2019

If my grandpa saw you do that, He'd Rape you!
-Zaxsy 2019

I don't know if you candle handle yourself.
-Zaxsy 2019

I'm not gay, I'm homo.
-Zaxsy 2019

I'm trying to fist fight an Alligator
-OverntStandable or Bruhmingbird 2019

Wanna LAERP?
Whats that?
Live action erotic role play!
I think thats just sex
No its not!
-Zaxsy and Ninjastormling 2019

How are you celebrating Valentines day?
I'm going to break into a random persons house and beat the shit out of them!
-Azazel57 and Ninjastormling 2020

I got a lot of these from My Discord :D
I may Normally seem life filled and energetic
But the truth can differ way farther
Dont be a dick and make it worse
Living a lie is easy, it’s living with it that’s a whole different story
- Ninjastormling 2018

I think I’m the first person to say this so If somebody else said this as a quote then tell me

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